Transfer from Milan to Courmayeur

Courmayeur - the most popular ski resort in Italy, located among the 14 peaks - "four thousand". The total length of the trails is 100 kilometers. In such territory it is comfortable to skate skiers and snowboarders. Annually the resort serves more than 600 thousand guests. Often there are competitions for the Cups of Europe and the World. Here are the spa centers with thermal springs, the Congress Center for Tourism and Sport, as well as many fashion boutiques, souvenir shops and bars. Courmayeur together with the French resort of Chamonix forms a single huge international skiing region.

Many tourists come here from Milan, as more charter flights and loukosterov fly to this city.

Ways to get from Milan to Courmayeur

By bus 5 hours 15 minutes
Every 2 hours from the stop "Jewelers Cordusio" there is a bus number 1. You need a station "Lampugano M1", from there - a transfer to the route line 216. The flights run three times a day. Follow the final one is Courmayeur. Book a transfer is an alternative option for public transport.
By train 3 hours 50 minutes
From the railway station at the station "Milano Centrale" three times a day there is a train with a sign Fr. At the stop "Torino Porta Susa" transfer to express No. Fl. After 2 hours you will be at the resort.
Rent a car 2 hours 30 minutes
It is convenient to rent a car or a transfer from Milan to Courmayeur. The distance is more than 220 kilometers. Thus, you can decide for yourself which places to visit on the way to the resort.
On the transfer from 1 hour 60 minutes
How to get from Milan to Courmayeur, so that the travel time passes unnoticed and in comfortable conditions? Book your transfer at The drivers have the necessary documentation for transportation, and the service provides round-the-clock information support.