Transfer from Venice to Arabbu

The Italian ski resort of Arabba is one of the most extreme places for skiing. It is located at an altitude of over 1,600 meters in the Livinallongo Valley, where 62 tracks are equipped. They are suitable for beginners, amateurs and professionals. Arabba is part of the Dolomiti Super Ski, the largest ski resort in the country. The resort is also connected to the ski area of ​​the Marolada glacier via special lifts. From the highest point of Araba, you can enjoy stunning views of the surrounding area.

In the evenings, after an active holiday, you can have fun in clubs, bars and restaurants, where you will be offered traditional dishes of Italy.

With the resort, the resort connects bus services and ski express trains. Including special shuttles from the airport of Marco Polo. Many tourists prefer to start their journey here. If you do not know how to get from Venice to Arabbu, use the options listed below.

Ways to get from Venice to Arabbu

By bus 4 hours 15 minutes
Bus "Dolomiti SpA" runs daily from the Central city station in the direction of the ski resort. Flight follows without stops and transfers.
By train -
Venice is not connected by rail lines to Arabba, so take advantage of public buses or car rental with driver.
Rent a car 2 hours 60 minutes
The distance between Venice and the resort is more than 175 kilometers. Book your car with the driver on the site and improvise during your trip.
On the transfer from 2 hours
Book your transfer from Venice to Arabba via if you are coming early in the morning or at night. Free waiting for the flight up to 60 minutes.