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Annually there are news that the water level in Venice is rising and soon it will turn into the XXI century Atlantis. While this did not happen and you decided to visit the most romantic Italian city, we recommend using the service

The pearl of the Adriatic, Venice, is located in the northern part of the country. The city is the cultural center of festivals in the field of cinema and theater, art exhibitions and contemporary art, as well as international tourism. This is one of the popular destinations, along with Milan, Rome and Florence. Only here is demanded profession - gondolier.

The main task of the tourist at the beginning of the trip is to understand how to get to the center of Venice in order to begin acquaintance with the city. For example, from St. Mark's Square, on which the eponymous cathedral is located, a special stand with rare manuscripts was created in its library for tourists. A little further from the temple is the Doge's Palace, connected to the prison building by the Bridge of Sighs, St Mark's Campanile and a column with a winged lion. There is also a special clock tower on the square: it shows the phases of the moon and the signs of the zodiac.

In addition to hiking, it is also interesting to travel through the water. From the Rialto Bridge you can take a gondola and ride the Grand Canal.

In Venice, there are many museums on the territory of the old palaces. The famous Museum of lace, Murano glass or the Academy Gallery with a collection of works by artists of the XIII-XVIII centuries.

Important in the life of the city have temples and cathedrals on the water. Their walls store artistic specimens, unique in their kind. In the church of San Zaccaria you can see the works of brilliant artists of the XVII-XVIII centuries. In Santa Maria della Salute there are paintings by Titian: "David killing Goliath", "Descent of the Holy Spirit". The temple of Santa Maria Assunta can be viewed endlessly. It is designed by Domenico Rossi himself.

If you enjoy the silence in the city of carnivals, it is recommended to book a transfer Venice - Abano Terme and enjoy the unique resort of Italy.

Transport, mainly water: boats, boats, gondolas. Ground species also exist, only located much further from the center. Metro, buses, bicycles.

Therefore, it is better to book a transfer in Venice, while in Russia. So you will not get lost in the road network and take time only to what is really important - the history and architecture of the city.