Transfer from Venice to Cortina di Ampezzo

Сortina di Ampezzo is an Italian ski resort located in the valley of the river Boite. Trails are suitable for beginners and lovers of snowboarding or skiing. Each line is equipped with modern lifts and information signs. This place is very popular among tourists. Annually the resort visits more than 500 thousand guests in order to actively spend time in the mountains and local bars. In the city and its environs there are several historical museums and a gallery of national art.

From Venice it is more convenient and quickest to get to the resort. There is a wide choice of public transport at a bargain price for the trip. How to get from Venice to Cortina di Ampezzo? Use the options below.

Ways to get from Venice to Cortina di Ampezzo

By bus 3 hours 15 minutes
At the "Corcia" stop, choose flight A1, which goes to the Venice airport "Marco Polo". From there, three times a day, there is a bus no. 29 VE or the express "Cortina". The terminal station is a ski resort.
By train 3 hours 40 minutes
From the main railway station "Venice Santa Lucia" twice a week, trains run to the stop "Longarone Zoldo". You need to make a transfer and use the Express "Cortina Express Fly", which follows Cortina di Ampezzo.
Rent a car 2 hours
The distance between Venice and the resort is more than 162 kilometers. Many tourists prefer to travel the country on their own or rent a car on the site This gives more freedom in choosing a route and saves time.
On the transfer from 1 hour 30 minutes
Book a transfer from Venice to Cortina di Ampezzo on the site and enjoy your holiday. Wide range of cars: from the minivan to the limousine. The passenger can offer his trip cost and know in advance the brand and number of the car.