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The main thing in any trip is a correctly arranged excursion and a comfortable road. In the first case, you need to find a good guide, since knowledge of English can not always help with communication. And on the second issue, we will immediately note: a taxi in Japan is expensive, and on public transport it isn't possible to quickly move from one memorable place to another. Take the alternative and book a transfer in Japan. You can not only be met from the airport and taken to the hotel. also offers a service such as renting a car with a driver in Japan at the best price. Travel correctly!

Japan is a colorful country with an original culture and ancient traditions, passed from generation to generation. The visiting card of the country of the rising sun is the art that has found reflection in all spheres of life: tea ceremonies, bonsai and ukiyo-e. Everything in Japan literally breathes culture: architecture, mentality and even cooking. The customs handed over to contemporaries more than one hundred years ago are imbued with wisdom and the philosophy that is still famous, not accessible to everyone. True worshipers of Asia go to Japan. It is here that you can enjoy cherry blossoms, get acquainted with samples of Japanese literature and architecture.

In addition to immersing in the atmosphere of ancient Asia, in Tokyo you will find an ultramodern architecture, which is so harmoniously blended with the rhythm of the life of the local population. In the capital, one must visit the Imperial Palace of Kokyo, a shrine for Buddhists is the Sanso-ji temple and the Tokyo television tower with an excellent viewing platform. On Ginza you will find many shops not only with souvenirs, but also with the clothes of local brands. And Disneyland will appeal to both children and adults.

In addition to Tokyo, the popular destination for tourists is the city of Kyoto. Once it was the imperial capital, as well as the cultural and spiritual center of Japan. Walking in the Botanical Garden, you can see and visit more than one temple: in Kyoto, there are more than 1,500. On the territory of the city there is the famous Golden Pavilion, the equally beautiful Imperial Palace of Gosyo and Ryoanji Temple with its garden of stones.

It is worth to visit also no less interesting and rich in the sights of the city and the islands of Osaka, Uji, Yokohama and Okinawa and Nikko, located next to the national park of the same name.

Having become acquainted with the national culture in full, one should go to nature: mountains or hot springs. Fans of active pastime go to the legendary Mount Fuji or to the volcano Aso. Ski resorts will meet tourists at the resorts of Hokkaido. Surrender to beach relaxation and see coral reefs can be in Okinawa, and the pilgrims are waiting for the holy mountain Koya-san. Balneological resorts, functioning all year round, will meet travelers in Dziedzanka or Beppu. Use the services for transportation of passengers, if you plan to organize excursions for a large company.

To go to Japan, located in a temperate climatic zone, follows in the spring and autumn, since the winter is characterized as one of the coldest, equated Siberian, and the summer is quite hot. From May to mid-June there are Baiu, the so-called rainy periods throughout Japan.

Tourism in Asian countries is inherently associated with local cuisine. Food in Japan is simple and accessible to everyone. The combination of seafood and rice has become a favorite dish not only in the country of the rising sun. And you can try the best sushi and rolls in numerous bistros and restaurants. Food is a separate art form: every dish, apart from the zealous cooking of culinary specialists, requires a harmonious arrangement on the plate. Gourmets can also taste raw fish, vegetables, legumes and seaweed. For dessert, try the sweet rolls, and as a drink order tea or sake.

Each guest will find for themselves something special: a pilgrimage, a holiday at the hot springs or exploring modern rest in nightclubs. The concept of "low season" in Japan does not exist, as well as budgetary rest. Prices here are quite high, but this is compensated by a rich excursion program and picturesque landscapes. Book a transfer in Japan at Let your acquaintance with the subtleties of the East be pleasant and bright!