Transfer in Japan

The main thing in any trip is proper travel itinerary and comfort on the road. We recommend you find a good guide, as knowledge of English can not always help with communication here. About the second issue : taxi services in Japan are quite expensive, and using public transport to quickly move from one place to another will not always work. Use the alternative option and book a transfer in Japan. The driver is going to meet you at the airport and take to the hotel quickly and with comfort.

Japan is a colourful country with distinctive culture and ancient traditions, which are reflected in the architecture, national character and cuisine. Tokyo is the capital, it has a lot of architectural monuments: The Imperial palace Koke, Senso-JI temple and Tokyo television tower with an observation platform. The local Disneyland will appeal to both children and adults. You will find many shops with Souvenirs and clothes from local brands in the Ginza.

In addition to Tokyo, Kyoto is also popular destination with tourists It was once the Imperial capital and cultural and spiritual center of Japan. You will see quite a few temples Walking through the Botanical garden: there are over all more than 1.5 thousand in the city. The famous Golden Pavilion, the amazing Imperial Palace Gose, and Ryoan-JI temple with its garden of stones are all in Kyoto. To get from Tokyo to Kyoto, we advise you rent a car with a driver in Japan.

More interesting places: Osaka, Uji, Yokohama, Okinawa, and Nikko.

After getting acquainted with the national culture, it's time to experience nature: visit mountains or hot springs. A lot of hikers decide to climb Fujiyama or Aso volcano. Skiing resorts can be found in Hokkaido. Have a beach holiday and see the coral reefs on the island of Okinawa, and pilgrims might want to visit the Holy mountain of Koya-San. Balneological resorts, operating all year round, will meet travellers in Jozankei or Beppu. Take advantage of the passenger transportation services in Japan, if you plan to organize excursions for a large group.

Spring and autumn are the best times to visit Japan, as the winter is very cold, comparable only to that of Siberia, and the summer is quite hot. From may to mid-June there is a Bayou, the so-called rainy period throughout Japan.

Every visitor to the country will find something special: pilgrimage, relaxing in hot springs or exploring modern leisure in Nightclubs. The concept of "low season" as well as budget holidays do not exist in Japan. Prices are quite high, but this is compensated by a rich excursion program and picturesque scenery. Book a transfer in Japan. Let your acquaintance with the intricacies of the East be pleasant and bright!