Transfer to Tokyo

If you decide to visit Tokyo, consider the route, options for moving around the city and what to see. How to get to Tokyo? Tokyo Airport is located 28 kilometers from the city. Use public transport or book a transfer at The driver will arrive on time and help carry the luggage. The trip will be quick and enjoyable.

Tokyo is the largest economic, political, industrial and tourist center of the country. It was founded in the XII century, so do not be surprised if in the modern area will be an ancient temple.

We recommend visiting the asymmetric garden of eight landscapes, having a picnic in Yohyi Park and admiring the Tokyo Bay. 1400 years ago, the Senso-ji Buddhist temple was built on the territory of the modern Asakusa district. From there, go to the temple of the goddess Cannes, the sanctuary of Tosogu and the neighborhood of the Imperial Palace Koke. In order to move faster, order a car with a driver in Tokyo. So you can see a lot more attractions and save time.

In the Imperial Park, the reserve "Ueno", "Koganey" and "Sumida" you can see the blossoming sakura.

Lovers of intellectual walks will also find something to do in Tokyo. Every day there are more than 50 museums and galleries. If limited in time, go to the House of anime Ghibli. This is the largest animation studio, founded in 1985 by Hayao Miyazaki. The Sitamati Museum presents household items, clothing and interior details of the XVI-XVIII centuries. The organizers of the museum managed to preserve the indescribable oriental flavor of Japan. The XIX century Tokyo National Museum is compared to the French Louvre. Here you can walk all day and not even see half of the collection. In storage is more than 120 thousand items of exhibits.

If you want to get in touch with Japanese culture, buy tickets for performances in “Theater No” or “Kabuki-dza”. These are the most popular and ancient scenes in all of Japan. The plot is clear and without knowledge of the language, as most of the actors interact non-verbally, through gestures and facial expressions.

Metro is the most popular form of public transport. Over 300 stations and 13 main JR destinations serve 9 million passengers every day from 05:50 to 23:00. Most of the buses run between the stations of the light and the underground. Tram tickets are more often bought by tourists. If you need to get to the suburbs, take the Shinkansen train or book a transfer to Tokyo.

Tokyo is a huge metropolis from the future with an ancient history. Locals respect their culture and traditions by developing modern technologies every day. The city is like a raging river that has burst its banks. Catch that rhythm and enjoy the rest. We are sure that Tokyo will surprise you.