Transfer in Amman

If you plan a vacation in Jordan, you need to visit the capital of an ancient and beautiful country. Tourists often go there to see the country sights and improve their health on the Dead Sea resorts. Due to a big amount of tourists, rooms in the hotels of Amman are on high demand in summer. Try to plan your trip in advance — make a reservation in the hotel and book transportation services. You can use the service of our company: send a request for transfer with dates and your preferences. You will only choose the most appropriate alternative.

The airport of Amman is located 32 kilometres far from the city centre. If you want to get to a city, you can use shuttles which go every half an hour. Your route will take 45 minutes. Taxi also wait for passengers in parking near terminals but you need to agree on a price in advance to avoid any disputes with a driver. The most comfortable way to go to Amman is by transfer: the driver will meet you in the arrival area and take to the hotel with your luggage.

What to see in Amman? There is a well-preserved theatre in the city where various plays took place. The theatre auditorium seats up 6.000 people. It is one of the largest buildings of the past times. The forum is situated in front of the theatre, and there is the odeum now where performances and the exhibition of the archaeological finds take place. In the capital of Jordan, there is the Temple of Hercules Victor and Nymphaeum, symmetrical complex with a colonnade and fountain in the centre. The arrangement was built in the II century.

The best time for visiting the city is late spring. There is the most comfortable weather in this season in Amman. In the daytime, it is not so hot, everything is covered with spots and the sea, which is 50 kilometres far from the city, is already warm.

Amman does not have as many historical attractions as the rest regions of the country. The palace Iraq-al-Amir is situated 22 kilometres far from the city. It is unique limestone building and a combination of Egyptian, Hellenistic and Eastern styles. At the foot of the palace, the sculptures of lions guard the entrance. The galleries of the caves over the building could be mausoleums of the local noble. You can go up there by stairs. It will be a great idea to rent a car with a driver in Amman and go on a self-expedition.

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