Transfer in Jordan

Jordan was a colony of the Great Britain. Decades later the country developed and started hosting a great amount of tourists willing to see the sights and beautiful views of the country. Car is one of the most easy ways for city-to-city travel. On you can rent a car with a driver in Jordan on favourable terms. The only thing you have to do is to submit an application on the website.

Resorts of the Red Sea, ancient historical monuments, diving, the vast desert Wadi Rum, health centers on the coast of the Dead Sea, religious places - Jordan will impress everyone! Absence of difficulties with visa, warm and dry climate make Jordan even more attractive for travellers.

Amman is the capital of Jordan. It is a modern Europenized with no sign of the Asian culture. There are no bazaars, historical fortresses, old mosques and other typical sights. Amman is divided into 2 parts by the Jordan River: the eastern and western parts. The first one keeps Muslim traditions, there are few monuments of the Greco-Roman times, but they are not enough to arrange an excursion. The second part has opposite features: modern quarters, a wide range of public places and business centers. The pink city of Petra and Jerash is full of historical sights and ancient architecture. Jerash was burried in sands many centuries and therefore perfectly preserved. Hire transfer in Jordan yo get any location without problems.

The main reason travelers go to Jordan is comfortable beaches, health centers and spa resorts on coasts of the Red and Dead Seas. For those who appreciate high-quality treatment there is the Aqaba resort in this country. In addition to pebble and sand beaches, there are more than 100 certified clinics. Main is a balneological resort which is famous in Jordan for its mineral springs. You can get Main with the help of passengers transport services in Jordan on our web-site. Almost all beaches of the resort belong to hotels: you can get here for an additional fee. Only in Aqaba there are public areas with sun loungers where the locals go to enjoy the beach recreation.

The Wadi Rum is another important place of interest of jordan. This desert is timeless. Visiting the Jebel Burdah Rock Bridge, going up in a balloon, visiting oases and riding a camel are such a worthy pastime in the eastern country, aren’t it?

If you go to Jordan for beach holidays, it will be better to do it in spring and autumn. Water temperature in the sea is constantly +21°C within these seasons. From November to March there are rain seasons and summer is very stuffy. The temperature in this period is about +35°C.

The kingdom is believed to be situated on the sacred land. Many places and locations are associated with legends and iconographic scenes. If you are going to visit Jordan you have to prepare for this travel. It is extremely important to plan each day of your holiday and of course think about transport. The transfer in Jordan is one of those details which will make your travel as comfortable as possible.