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For a long time Jordan was a colony of great Britain. Now, decades later, the country has blossomed and began to take a huge flow of tourists who want to get acquainted with the sights and beauty of the country. Travel between cities will be most comfortable by car. Rent a car with driver in Jordan at affordable prices is possible at a convenient online service It is enough to leave a request on the website and calmly plan a vacation without worrying about the way of movement in a foreign country.

Jordan is a country that every year becomes more popular among tourists with above average income. This small state in the Middle East is associated with fabulous Arab cities, large markets, exotic nature and a unique holiday on the shores of the Red Sea and the Dead Sea.

The capital is the city of Amman. This is a modern Europeanized city without a hint of eastern romance: bazaars, historical fortresses, ancient mosques and other expected sights are missing. Amman is like a drink of cool water among the hot capitals of the East, divided into two parts by the Jordan River: the East and the West parts. The former meets the Muslim traditions, in poor neighborhoods one can meet refugees and poor people. There are few monuments of the Greco-Roman era, but not enough for a full-scale excursion tour. The second part of the city becomes contrast with its fashionable quarters, an endless chain of institutions and business centers. One can visit places of memory and ancient architecture in Petra and Jerash. By the way, in the "pink city", so they call Petra, one of the films about Indiana Jones was made. If you liked the views in this film, feel free to go to Petra. Jerash was immersed for many centuries under the sand, so the buildings were perfectly preserved: there are some interesting places to visit on an excursion and what to capture in the photo. Book a transfer to Jordan to easily reach any settlement.

The main reason travelers want to go to Jordan is the comfortable beaches of two seas, health and spa resorts. For those who appreciate high-quality treatment, the doors of the resort of Aqaba are open. In addition to pebble and sandy beaches, there are more than 100 certified clinics, famous for their experienced doctors and expensive treatment. In Mine there are mineral springs, that, like mud baths, are used to make the entire body of the tourist healthy. You can get here by using the services of transportation of passengers in Jordan on our service.

Almost all beaches belong to hotels: you can get here for an additional fee. Only in Aqaba there are municipal areas with sun beds, where the local population also goes to enjoy the beach rest.

The waters of the Red Sea and the Dead Sea are pure, that’s why snorkeling, diving and surfing for lovers of active lifestyle are popular in Jordan. There are a lot of centers in Aqaba that deal with the preparation and organization of diving. The most popular is The Royal Diving Club.

Wadi Rum is another most recognizable sight of Jordan. Climbers, history and treks lovers, as well as to pilgrims will like this desert with its canyons, mountains and amazing landscapes. Visit the Burda rock bridge, go up in a hot air balloon, visit oases and ride a camel – isn’t it great pastime in an eastern country?

You can go for beach holidays in Jordan all year round. There is one thing to remember: from November till March there are rains, and in summer it is very stuffy in the country. The temperature remains during this period at an average of 35 ° C. The most comfortable time for visiting the county is in spring and autumn. The water in these seasons is stably + 21 ° C.

Arabic cuisine prevails in Jordan. There are shaurma and giro, falafel and snacks with hummus, like street food; baklava, dried fruits and pies "kataef" as sweet; certainly halal dishes for the main meal. Veal or chicken with rice is the most famous dish. Instead of one often uses the camage - a flat cake in the form of a spoon. As for traditional beverages, the "western" part of the country's population prefers local wines, the "oriental" prefers real Arabic coffee, leafy types of tea. Arak is an alcoholic beverage with anise flavor. This and other alcoholic beverages can be bought at any time, excluding Ramadan.

It is considered that the kingdom is located on the sacred land. Many places and locations are associated with the legends and stories from the Bible. You should prepare for the trip before leaving for Jordan. It is important to think over every day of your vacation and, of course, means of transportation. Transfer to Jordan is the one of those details that will help make your stay much better.