Transfer in Madaba

Transfer is the most comfortable way of traveling in Jordan. Transport sphere is underdeveloped here. There is no bus schedule — a bus leaves as soon as it is filled. When planning a trip to Jordan, we advise booking a transfer in advance with

The closest airport to Madaba is 22km away from the city. You can get to the city with a transfer in Amman. Every 30 minutes a bus goes to Tabarbur or Al Abdali stations where you need to transfer to public transport to Madaba. You make your life easier, take a taxi from the terminal or book a transfer in advance.

People come here to learn about the Jordan cultural heritage. Madaba is the capital of Christianity in the Middle East. It is often called the city of mosaics. The only school of mosaics in the region is located here. The creations of local craftsmen can be bought nearby.

The main landmark of Madaba is the Church of St. George, where the oldest mosaic map of the Holy Land (VI B.C) is preserved. Another interesting place is the VI century Church of God’s Mother and the Apostles. Inside you can enjoy the masterpieces of the mosaic art. Go to the Folklore Museum and the adjusting Archeological Museum. Here the examples of clothes, jewelry and culture of the ancient local people are collected. Go to the Archeological Park in Madaba. It was opened in the early XX century and digging still takes place here. Here you can enjoy Roman villas, Byzantine monasteries and a number of temples dedicated to the Christ baptism in the Jordan River.

It’s best to plan a trip to the city in spring or autumn. During these seasons the weather in Madaba is best for long walks — not too cold and not too hot.

Just 7km away from the city stands the Nevo mountain where the tomb of Moses is. In memory of the prophet, a staff is seated at the top. The order of Franciscans built a small church here which later developed into a large temple complex. 20 km away from Madaba stands the Palace of Musafir — another important location for pilgrims. From its height, you can enjoy a majestic view of the Dead Sea and hills of Jerusalem. If you want to experience the unique local nature, be sure to visit Hammamat Main springs. Due to underground lava, the underwater springs heats up to +63 °C and is rich in minerals. People come here all year long for its healing properties. Rent a car in Madaba and travel around historical places and hot springs. Travel more with!

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