Transfer in Aqaba

When choosing a place for a beach holiday, pay attention to Aqaba. The port city of Jordan is located on the shore of the Gulf of Aqaba in the red sea. Usually tourists come here to relax after a tour of the country. There are only 30 hotels in Aqaba, so book your room in advance so that you have a place to stay.

If you are just starting to get acquainted with Jordan, then upon arrival at the airport named after king Hussein, you need to decide: how to get to the city. A shuttle ride from the airport of Aqaba will take 45 minutes to reach the city. The same trip will only take 15 minutes by car. (You can also get there by car.) (The hotel is 15 minutes ' walk from the door.) There are taxis available near the exit from the airport, the price should be agreed upon when boarding, otherwise use the Shuttle service. Leave a request on our website in advance and choose the best offer from the drivers.

What to see in Aqaba? The main attractions of this region are the rich flora and fauna of the red sea. So take your scuba mask with you or rent professional diving equipment. You will remember diving in these locations for a long time. You will see exotic bright coloured fish, pink corals, sea anemones and other amazing creatures. Some can be dangerous, so it is better to dive in groups and with a professional instructor.

Aqaba is a year-round beach resort. The temperature of the water does not fall below +22 °C even in winter. So go on vacation any time of the year, the weather in Aqaba will not let you down.

In addition to the magnificent nature in Aqaba, you will enjoy excursions to historical attractions. The crusaders erected a Fort here in the XII century, after 4 centuries it was rebuilt by Kansukh al-Gauri from the dynasty of Mamluk sultans. Sometimes the Fort is mistaken for a Palace - this is the hallmark of the city. It offers beautiful views of the sea and neighboring countries.

The ancient capital of Petra is located 250 kilometers from Aqaba. This is a real mecca for tourists: the city is included in the list of seven new wonders of the world. Once Petra stood at the intersection of trade routes, thanks to which it quickly developed and became rich. However, with the opening of marine trade routes between the countries, some residents left Petra. However, it is necessary to visit Petra with its castles and FORTS. To visit the main attractions in Jordan, you will need to rent a car in Aqaba. You will remember this trip for a long time!

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