Transfer in Latvia

Hire transfer in Latvia to get a hotel in the most comfortable conditions. Passengers transportation in Latvia is very popular touristic services. A driver will meet you at the airport, help to carry your luggage and bring you to a destination point selecting the fastest route.

Latvia is situated between Lithuania and Estonia on the coast of the Baltic Sea. Despite the Europeanisation, the Latvians are proud of their culture and honour the traditions. Historical towns and cities with architectural monuments can be identified by the specific style called Jugendstil which is especially prevalent in Riga, the capital of the country. Rent a car with a driver in Latvia to visit all the sights of Riga and you won’t waste time and money on public transport and taxi cabs. We recommend you to visit the Riga Cathedral built in the 13th century, the St. Peter's Church. On the tower of the last one, there is a panoramic position where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Riga. You can also go around every street in the city centre and take stunning pictures on Kramu street.

The heart of the Baltics is Jurmala. This resort is the second most attractive place for tourists after Riga. It is the opposite city from the capital. Jurmala combines the Northern nature with the warm climate, European service level, and the hospitality of the Latvians. Every year it has festivals and fairs, its white beaches are extremely attractive for tourists.

Daugavpils is an economic and business centre of Latvia. In Sigulda, you can find the most beautiful medieval castles and many other examples of European architecture. One of the most famous is the legendary Turaida Castle.

Wherever you decide to go, we recommend you to hire the transfer in Latvia. If you don’t speak Lettish, it will be difficult for you to find a taxi at the airport or to make sense of the local transport system. On our website, we have 21 languages and you can make a transfer request without registration.