Transfer to Sigulda

Sigulda is a popular Latvian resort where travelers from all over the world come to rest. There is no usual urban fuss and haste, but there are mountains, ancient sights and national reserves, which are striking in their beauty. Go here to experience the atmosphere of the Middle Ages and get closer to the wild nature of the Baltic States.

How to get to Sigulda? The nearest airport is 56 kilometers away, in Riga. The distance between them is 56 kilometers. Buses and trains run daily from the capital to Sigulda. If you want to get to the resort directly from the airport, we recommend booking a transfer to Sigulda through the service The journey takes 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Sigulda is a small town in Latvia, which arose in the XVI century. It is a popular tourist and cultural center of the country. Locals sometimes call it “Baltic Switzerland” because of its green hills, wooden buildings with a tiled roof and a white facade. Come here throughout the year. In the summer, to enjoy spa treatments in the open mountain springs and guided walks through the flower fields, and in the winter there are skiing or snowboarding. In the vicinity of Sigulda, national athletes are training, for example, bobsleighs.

Where to go tourist? Start with a walk in the cave Gutmanis, from which a small stream with spring water flows. Locals believe that it has healing properties. Then go to the Turaysky castle of the XIII century, which is located 4 kilometers from Sigulda. On its territory there is a museum of sculptures and an exhibition dedicated to the history of the resort city. Visit the Krimulda Palace, located 800 meters from the Guman Nature Reserve. In the old building preserved jewelry, clothing, interior and household items. On weekends, theater performances and music festivals are held here. Hire a car with driver in Sigulda to see the sights. It will save your time and allow you to create your own route.

If you are tired, you can return to the city and take a ride on the cable car linking the hills of Sigulda and Krimulda of the Gauja Valley. At an altitude of 1060 meters there is an observation deck, which offers wonderful views of the surroundings. A sculpture park with heroes of Latvian folk myths and legends works on the nearby hill Dine.

What is the move around the city? From the center to distant areas it is most convenient to get by bus. Opening hours: daily from 08:00 to 21:00. The resort is connected to the surrounding area by trains and express trains. The exact schedule and directions can be viewed on the site of the railway station. Taxi in Sigulda book through mobile applications or in a hotel. If you are traveling with a large company and you need to get to the hotel, book a transfer. Get new experiences in a comfortable environment!