Transfer in Lithuania

Transfer in Lithuania is a fast way to get to the hotel from the airport. You won’t overpay for taxi or search for a public transport stop. Car rental with a driver in Lithuania is popular when planning a road trip or business tourism. With the online service you can find both services for the best price and on best conditions.

Lithuania is state with outstanding Baltic beaches, historical monuments and an amazing tour programme. Lithuania has a number of advantages over other Baltic states - mineral sources, low prices and fascinating local legends which locals are happy to share.

The capital of Vilnius is famous for baroque architecture and bright facades, medieval castles and large squares. Each building on the street is attractive to the eye. The self-proclaimed independent republic of Užupis is also located in the capital. The republic is populated by artists : painters, sculptors, poets and musicians. The artist district of Vilnius is often compared to Montmartre. When walking here you should take your time and slowly observe every sight you see. Don’t forget to visit Europos Parkas near the capital. Some scientists claim the centre of the largest part of the world is here.

There are lots of resort towns in Lithuania which are perfect for health or cultural vacation. For example, the ancient capital of Trakai is surrounded by lakes and forests. There is also a castle located on an isolated island shrouded in mysteries and legends.

The worldwide famous Druskininkai city is a popular tourist destination. Important politicians used to come to local mud baths and mineral sources and today anybody can come here. Fans of the seaside should go to Curonian Spit bathed by both the bay waters and the Baltic Sea. Book a transfer in Lithuania if you want to visit not only the capital but also the famous sea resorts.

You can go to Lithuania any time of the year. The winter is very mild with the temperature not falling below −5 °C, and the average on summer is +23 °C.

The vacation will be bright and unforgettable if you plan all the details including transport. Use the passenger transportation services in Lithuania and travel with comfort.