Transfer in Vilnius

Tourists go to Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, to get acquainted with the Baltic culture, admire the ancient architecture and visit the national reserves.

How to get to Vilnius? Vilnius International Airport is located 6 kilometers from the city. Schedule of all types of public transport is on its official website. Daily bus number 1 and number 2, express trains and minibuses of TOKS run to the center. Opening hours from 06:30 to 22:30. Let it take 30 minutes. If you are traveling with small children, we recommend booking a transfer in Vilnius in advance through the service No need to adapt to the schedule of public transport, wait for your turn to buy a ticket and look for a stop yourself. The driver will meet in the arrivals area and help carry the luggage.

Vilnius is an ancient city in the Baltic States, recognized as one of the most beautiful in Europe. During its long history, it was repeatedly subjected to fires and destruction, and then rebuilt again. The capital of Lithuania is a place where you can see the architecture of the XV-XIX centuries among modern, concrete and glass buildings, and shopping centers are surrounded by green parks.

Start your walk in the Old Town, in the largest architectural complex in Eastern Europe. The historical part of Vilnius is located on the left bank of the Neris River to the south of the Castle Hill. There is also the castle of Gediminas, built in the XIII century, first of wood, and then fortified with bricks. Tourists can climb the observation tower, where you can see the fortress wall, the rest of the buildings and the valley of the river Viliya. On the territory there is an exhibition dedicated to the history of the city. It is open from 10:00 to 17:00, admission is free.

Next to the palace is Cathedral Square, where you can see a monument to Prince Gediminas, the hero of Vilnius. Stroll through the city and you will find many interesting sights and sculptures. For example, a statue of King Mindovg, founder of the first dynasty of Lithuanian rulers, or a memorial to Frank Zappa, a famous national musician. From the Cathedral Square to the Town Hall is the old street Piles. Dine in the cafe or look at the souvenir shops, and then continue the walk. 5 minutes from here are the Cathedrals of St. Michael and St. Anne is symbols of the spiritual life of Lithuania.

If you want to see the surroundings and nature, rent a car with a driver in Vilnius. We recommend to go to Trakai. It is a city in the southeast, 28 kilometers from the capital. There is the Island Castle of the XV century and the Trakai Reserve, where local species of flora and fauna are presented.

Transport infrastructure is well developed in Vilnius. The city from 05:00 to 00:00 more than 70 different directions from the center to distant areas. There are day and night flights. Two routes go to the suburbs: №5 to Santarishki, №62 to Fabiyonishki. Locals also ride trolley buses, which are represented by 20 lines. Hours coincides with the mode of buses. To independently explore the capital, you can use the services of a bicycle rental. Taxi in Vilnius is advantageous to order by phone. Be prepared for the fact that the cost of the trip may be inflated. If you need to get to the airport, hotel or a nearby city, it is best to book a transfer. You choose the class of car and can choose the most suitable price for the services of the driver. Have a nice trip!