Transfer to Budva

For a long time, such areas as Turkey and Egypt were popular. But over the past 5 years, tourists have traveled more often to the Balkan countries. On the quality of local resorts, Kotor or Budva, not inferior to the Mediterranean. Book a transfer in these cities on the site This service has directions all over the world.

Budva is one of the resorts in Montenegro, located on the Adriatic coast. Clean sandy beaches and the sea of ​​the Budva Riviera are a distinctive feature. The center is the Old Town, surrounded by fortress walls and towers.

Many ancient sights are concentrated in Budva. The Citadel of St. Mary is the main architectural monument. The fortress was built in 840 to protect against Turkish raids. Today, the Festival "Grand Theater" is held on its territory, in which actors from all over the world participate. There is also the Maritime Museum, where the models of the ships "Mayflower" and "Bounty" are exhibited. Open to the public library with old books and records of captains and sailors. The excursion details the history of the Balkan Peninsula. From the Citadel's observation deck, you can enjoy stunning views of the city and the surrounding area. On the terrace there is a restaurant and an open-air stage.

Nearby are three ancient churches: St. John of VII century, St. Mary IX c. and the Holy Trinity of the XIX century. They are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. To the west of the temples is the Archaeological Museum, in which more than 3,000 artifacts found during excavations in Budva are stored and exhibited.

Feel the atmosphere of the city, you can thanks to a walk along the street Negosheva and Zanovuchi, turning to the Poets Square. In summer, writers and poets regularly recite their works for the public here. Street musicians also participate in such improvised performances.

Rent a transfer in Budva, go to the nearby island of St. Stephen, where many Orthodox monasteries are located. On the island is one of the largest hotels in the city. The uniqueness lies in the fact that the design of the apartments is harmoniously combined with the natural landscape. Thanks to the work of the outstanding architects of Montenegro, the island has preserved its medieval charm.

Also in Budva are the aquacomplex, the National Zoological Park and nightclubs located on the seacoast.

The city is shuttled by buses, minibuses and taxis. They travel from 6:00 to 23:00 every 10-20 minutes. The central station is located on the street of Mediteranska. Tickets can be purchased there or by conductors. Bicycle rental is not popular because of the mountainous terrain and poor road conditions, besides, the rental price is equal to the daily cost of the car. If you donэt know how to get to Budva, book a transfer service through It is fast, convenient and saves time.

Rest in Montenegro is a combination of useful and enjoyable. Near the clean sea and mountains, and if you want an active pastime, then for tourists created sightseeing routes around the city.