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In whatever country you are, the best means of transportation will be a transfer, whose driver knows exactly the route to the destination. Given the price for a taxi, a transfer in Montenegro will be a profitable solution. You can choose the right offer, where you choose the price yourself. Book a transfer in Montenegro and travel comfortably!

Montenegro, known throughout the world as Montenegro, combines inexpensive resort rest and a rich excursion program on medieval monuments, museums and national parks. Beach vacation will appeal to young people and families with children, as well as lovers of pastime alone with nature.

Montenegro is a small cozy sunny country, which you can go round literally for a day. In this case it will be convenient to order a car with an experienced driver who knows where the most popular and interesting sights are located.

The tourist season lasts all year round. In summer it is a beach holiday on the Adriatic coast, in winter visiting the ski resort. 73 kilometers of the beach are divided into 3 zones: Budvanskaya Riviera, Hercegnovskaya Riviera, Ulcinsky Riviera. For a comfortable stay, absolutely all tourist areas are suitable, the beaches of which are adapted for entertainment for every taste: from clubs to water sports for amateurs. If you are an adherent of an expensive holiday in 5-star spa hotels, fine restaurants and yachting, it will be reasonable to stay in St. Stefan, which, according to local stories, even Hollywood stars visit. In Tivat, most travelers remain in view of the convenient location. The location of the airport is also located in the resort area.

In Montegro several climatic zones: mountain, continental and coastal. In the Dinaric Highlands, winter ranges from + 5 °C to -10 °C, and in the summer, as well as in the continental zone, from + 19 °C to + 25 °C. Sea temperature during the season is + 26 °C.

If your holiday is planned for the winter months, then you will not enjoy swimming in the azure waters, but you will avoid the endless streams of tourists in museums and ski or snowboard in Kolasin and Zhabljak. In the latter, it will be equally interesting to spend free days from May to October: trekking, river rafting, paragliding. What can be more romantic?

There are no special reasons for visiting the capital Podgorica, in addition to visiting ancient monuments, medieval buildings and museums. In Podgorica, the cultural and scientific centers are concentrated, from the city it is easy to reach any settlement. To do this, use the services for the transport of passengers in Montenegro.

If you have never been to Montenegro, go on vacation here. Here you can relax your body and soul in one of the most picturesque corners of the world. Rent a car with a driver in Montenegro will give you the opportunity to see its capital and its surroundings.