Transfer to Tivat

There are 2 airports in Montenegro. The main one is located in the capital Podgorica, the other is in Tivat. If you arrive on a tourist trip, then most likely you will arrive at the second airport. The trip from Tivat takes 15-25 minutes to reach Buddha and Kotor by bus. Book a car on and after long-distance flight.

Tivat is a resort in Montenegro. Its coast is washed by the waters of the Bay of Kotor. Therefore, there are many cozy beaches and water activities. To the unusual nature of the island add climate and get a great vacation in South-East Europe.

The territory of Tivat also includes 3 Islands: St. Michael, St. Mark and The Merciful Wife. The island of Flowers, as the Montenegrins call the first, in fact becomes a Peninsula during the Gulf. There is the famous monastery of the Archangel Michael, which is currently under restoration. It is possible to get to the shore through a 10-meter bridge.

There are no attractions in the resort, with the exception of a medieval castle in the heart of the city. The Palace of Bucha is more than 500 years old. Every summer a noble family Lukovic and Butch rested here. Nowardays the building includes the Church of St. Michael and the art gallery "Renaissance Bucha".

In the Botanical garden you will be surprised by the abundance of exotic and rare plants. You can visit it, leisurely strolling along the beach Przhno. There are two large parks: Zupa and Velikoretsky. The most beautiful Marina Porto Montenegro is nearby.

In Tivat there are no beaches, but on the Island about 20 places to stay. This includes both urban and private areas. The most popular is the beach of Plavi Horizonti. On the Adriatic coast are excellent sites for diving. You can enroll in a special school and start diving on the same day.

You can go to Tivat all year round. In February there are masquerades and carnivals, as well as "Bokeljska night", and the festival Ruchenitsa and youth day in May.

No less exciting excursions to the suburbs of Tivat. It is fishing with the locals in the small village of lower Lastva. Sunsets are the most beautiful in Montenegro, and the sky is starry at night. In the Upper last Each season travelers are attracted by events of different scale: from traditional holidays to architectural festivals. In the vicinity there is an archaeological monument mound "Mala-Gruda" bronze age. During excavations archeologists found here jewelry, tableware and Golden daggers. If you don’t know how to get to Tivat back, rent a car with a driver.

Public transport is well developed in all of Montenegro. Tivat is no exception. Buses and trains goes to other cities, as well as to Albania, from the railway and bus stations. From Tivat to the resorts trip will take only 1-2 hours, but in Kolasin the way will take about 5 hours. From one side of the city to the other can be reached in 10-15 minutes by bus, and even faster by taxi. Prices for travel are low, so you can afford to travel by private transport. Water taxi, very popular in Montenegro, take to get to the airport and hotels in the Bay of Kotor. Ferries run every 30-40 minutes. The current schedule of all modes of transport is constantly updated on the official website of the logistics company serving Tivat.

Discovering new cities and countries is useful for tourists of any level of preparedness. No matter how many points you have in your travel diary, be sure to visit Tivat with its medieval churches, green parks and Golden coast on the nearby Islands.