Transfer to Casablanca

From a small settlement located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, Casablanca has become the business and economic capital of Morocco. Glass skyscrapers, business centers, the development of new technologies, women in trouser suits is now the Arab state is in no way inferior to Europe. This is a modern city of the avant-garde and dynamics. If this is your first visit, we recommend you to book a transfer in Casablanca through the service

The ancient port is famous for its architecture built during the reign of the French. Buildings in the style of the sea, a combination of Art Deco and Moorish traditions. In 1993 the mosque Hasanva II was built, towering over the ocean. The upper part of the minaret reaches 210 meters in height, where a laser is pointed at the top, directed towards Mecca.

The old city is a cultural center with its own atmosphere and color. Narrow streets, lack of transport, souvenir shops, old houses with a white roof. The symbol is Mahakma do Pasha is the palace of the ruler. Now here is the administration of the prefecture. The tour is free, but it needs to be agreed in advance.

Interesting for visiting the quarter of Habbus, the main place of trade. You feel the east, bargaining for a fabric or necklace. The streets are seamlessly connected to each other, linking together an olive bazaar and pottery. Renting a car with a driver in Casablanca, you will see as many interesting attractions as possible.

Nightlife is concentrated in the Corniche area. In the evening lights are lit, tables and chairs are removed to dance until morning. Some tourists prefer to sit on the verandahs of cafes or visit bars.

The public transport network is actively developed. These are buses, intercity trains, metro that was built in 2017, as well as boats and ferries. Tickets are sold at the railway or bus station. Trains run between such cities as Casablanca and Marrakech, Rabat and Tangier, Fez and Meknes. The bus lines are more than 100, but this does not solve the problems with city traffic jams. Therefore, the road can take more than an hour. On water transport tourists go to Spain, Italy, France or Gibraltar.

An amazing city, subtly combining East and West. Here next to the office buildings are small houses with a tiled roof. Planning a vacation, it is worth to decide in advance how to get from the airport of Casablanca to the center or to the hotel. It is recommended to book a transfer at Let the journey be bright and comfortable.