Transfer in Morocco

Car rental with a driver in Morocco is the most comfortable way of travelling through this eastern country. As in summer the average temperature is +35 °C it’s better to travel between cities or go on a self-organised tour in an air-conditioned car. You can book a per-hour or per-day car rental of any class. Use to travel with benefits!

Morocco is an eastern country is the Northern Africa which attracts tourists with picturesque cities, warm waters of the Mediterranean and mysterious Sahara desert. Moroccan culture is a blend of European, Arab and African cultures. Such a unique mix can be noticed when touring through city-resorts with developed infrastructure. There are sandy beaches , luxurious spa centres and different hotels as well as ancient architectural landmarks and eastern bazaars in Morocco.

The capital of Rabat is an administrative centre which consists of the modern part, built by the colonisers, and of the old part - Medina. You can buy souvenirs, silk, argan oil and jewelry. The XX century royal mausoleum is guarded by the Royal Guard. If you want to submerge into the ancient Morocco and see the architecture of the XII century you should go to Kasbah of the Udayas fortress and Chellah necropolis.

As part of cultural education program you should visit other imperial cities : Fez with its medieval buildings and streets, Meknes with noble minarets and palaces and noisy Marrakesh with gorgeous bazaars, street vendors and magicians.

When in Morocco, no tourist would miss Casablanca. It means city of white-stone houses in Spanish which are a signature landmark of the city. In addition, visit Medina, Mahkama du Pacha palace, Corniche promenade, and be sure to take pictures. For beach vacation you should go to Agadir or Oualidia, despite that Casablanca has its own municipal beach.

Shore climate is subtropical, in summer the temperature is +35 °C on average while in winter it is +20 °C. Winter in the mountains is −15 °C and in summer is +15 °C.

You will remember Maroco not only for luxurious vacation in hotels, on the excellent beaches and resorts but also for eastern bazaars, Medina, ancient architecture and tours to Sahara with Berbers. Use passenger transfer services in Morocco and travel with comfort!