Transfer to Rabat

Rabat is considered to be the oldest city in Morocco, where more than 100 thousand tourists annually arrive. When planning a holiday, book a transfer through the service in advance, if you don’t know how to get to Rabat. You will be met by the driver at the airport and will quickly take you to your destination.

Rabat is an industrial, economic and cultural center of Morocco, located in the north-west of the country. Here lives more than one and a half million inhabitants. The city combines European efficiency and Eastern wisdom. Most of the buildings were built at the time of the French colonization, so neo-Mauritanian style and Art Deco can be traced. Early in the morning, benches are opened, traditional dishes are baked on the street, but 5 times a day residents postpone their studies and begin to pray. Rabat is a favorite place for rest of the monarch family.

On its territory the first settlement arose in the III century BC. on the banks of the river Bou-regreg. Therefore, some places of interest are several thousand years old.

Ancient fortress is Kasba Udalya of the XII century, built to protect city dwellers from pirate raids and control over passing ships. Previously, it was an impressive structure, now is the ruins that fascinate tourists with their scale.

At the same time, the Hassan minaret was erected, its height is 44 meters. Although the architects planned that the building will be 86 meters, the highest in the Middle Ages.

In Rabat, fragments of the buildings of the ancient city of Schellach were preserved. The fortress wall, the tomb of the ruler of Abu Hasan, the ruins of Sala and the minaret. Previously, the Phoenicians lived here, after is the Romans. Nowadays it is an important architectural monument that allows scientists to study the culture of ancient peoples.

West of Shellah is the Orthodox Church of St. Peter of the XX century. Once the residence of the archbishop. The cathedral is designed in the Art Deco style and looks unusual in the background of mosques.

In the center were the famous Andalusian gardens, the park zone of which was founded in 1915. Here grow cypresses, plane trees and other exotic plants. The alleys are adorned with lush orange groves, marble statues and fountains. In the center is the Museum of Moroccan Art. The collection contains exhibits that are 8,000 years old. Particularly proud is the antique collection.

From public transport in the city there are buses and taxis. The second is divided into two types: the red ride in the center, the white ride in the distant quarters. Rent a bicycle is unprofitable, because of the high cost, and the rental points are very small. If you want to see the neighborhood, book a transfer in Rabat through the service Thus, you will save time and will be able to see more interesting places.

The East has a special charm peculiar only to it. Ancient legends, ancient buildings, original culture is all that is attractive for tourists. Travel and discover new facets of this wonderful world.