Transfer in Utrecht

Tourists often choose this destination for its uniqueness. The city is very different from other Netherland cities. The city’s appearance and structure were heavily influenced by the foundation history and nearby countries. This makes Utrecht a very distinct city.

In order to reach Utrecht, you need to arrive in Amsterdam first as Utrecht has no airport. The road from Schipol takes about 30 minutes. If you arrive in a different airport, use transfer services. Book a car in advance to quickly and comfortably get to the hotel in Utrecht.

When planning the trip, consider housing.You have a wide selection of apartments and hotels. If you want to save money, you can stay in a private house. The latter is very popular, especially among students. The city’s student community is the largest in the country.

The signature landmark of Utrecht is the university. It is the oldest building in the country and one of the largest educational facilities in Europe. It has been receiving students since 1636. Here students study the law, social and humanitarian sciences.

The main landmark of Utrecht is the oldest gothic cathedral in the country. The construction began in the XIII century but for various historical reasons, it was finished only in the XIX century. For example, in the XVII century, the bell tower was destroyed by the tornado.

What else there is to see in Utrecht? Two-level promenades which are very unusual for the Netherlands. In the past, the lower level was occupied by the warehouses where the trade goods and fish were stored. Today it is occupied by numerous cafes where you can enjoy the signature dish of the Netherlands –– herring with potatoes.

If Utrecht is the first Dutch city you are visiting, you should also go to other cities. Visit the noisy Amsterdam, modern Rotterdam and touristic Delft. Go there by car with a driver and then come back to Utrecht to fully understand how marvellous this quiet city is.

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