Transfer in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is well known all over the world for paintings of Van Gogh, tulip fever and “the second Venice” - Amsterdam. Hire transfer in Amsterdam to travel around cities with comfort.

Life in the small European country seems so idyllic: houses of different colours are all around, the locals drive bicycles decorated with fresh flowers in baskets. Within the territory of cities, there are windmills which are also the symbol of the country and shown in the masterpieces of Van Gogh and Rembrandt, the Dutch artists.

The Netherlands is also known as Holland. It’s not exactly the same because Holland refers to the northern and southern provinces. The Netherlands is famous not only for a specific lifestyle and high living standard but also for the great care of human rights.

Tourists go to the Netherlands to have a look at paintings of Dutch artists: the Van Gogh Museum, Hermitage Amsterdam, the Rijksmuseum and other galleries. The Zaan Museum, an open-air museum, is the most popular one. Here you can visit craft stalls, a dairy and also to enjoy wonderful views of the small city. The capital is also called the Northern Venice because of a big amount of channels the total length of which is more than 100 kilometres.

Unlike with the cultural centre, the Hague is the city of residencies, ministries and many other political institutions. Gouda and Edam have given the world the same-name delicious Dutch cheeses. What about Utrecht, travellers go there to have a peaceful rest in the atmosphere of ancient temples and monasteries, go shopping and take many pictures with unique forest landscapes. Use the passengers’ transport services in the Netherlands to save time.

Few people know that Holland is also a perfect place for the beach vacation. Nevertheless, the temperature is not warm enough for summertime (about +20°С), tourists from all over the world go to the shore of the Northern Sea. In the Hague, there is Scheveningen which is also shown in the paintings of Van Gogh. The beaches Texel, Hook of Holland and Zandvoort are available to visit even with children.

We recommend you to go to the county which once overcame “the tulip fever” at any time of the year. However, summer is the most convenient time to have a rest under sunbeams, during other seasons it is better to take along warm sweaters and jackets.