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The Netherlands is often called simply Holland. Not entirely true, because the northern and southern provinces that make up the country are called equally Holland. But at the same time, we will call all the inhabitants of the country Dutch. The Netherlands is known not only for its special way of life and high standard of living, but also for its increased attention to human rights.

The Kingdom is associated with a serene walk through the tulip fields, familiar to the whole world with pictures of Dutch painters: Van Gogh and Rembrandt. In the country is also popular way to move on a bicycle, usually decorated with freshly cut flowers in a basket. By the way, in every city there are windmills, which are also integral symbols of the country and are painted on canvases known to the whole world. These structures, by the way, are adorned, and function to this day. If you are planning to visit the surrounding area, we recommend the use of passenger transportation services in the Netherlands.

In Amsterdam they go to enjoy the works of Dutch artists: the Van Gogh Museum, the Hermitage on Amstel, the National Museum and other galleries. The most popular is the open-air museum "Volendam-Zansa Schans", which preserved the way of life and traditions of the past. Here you can visit handicraft shops, a cheese factory and, of course, enjoy colorful views of a small town. The capital is also called northern Venice due to a large number of canals, the total length of which is more than 100 kilometers. Young people go to Amsterdam to have a good rest and visit numerous clubs. To do this, book a transfer in the Netherlands at

In contrast to the cultural center, the politically important organizations were concentrated in The Hague: embassies, royal residence, ministries and many others. The cities of Gouda and Edam presented the world with fragrant cheeses of the same name. And in Utrecht, travelers go to find peace among the atmosphere of ancient temples and monasteries, do shopping and make dozens of photographs against the backdrop of unique forest landscapes.

Few, who knows, but in Holland, developed and beach holidays. Despite the relatively low temperatures for summer (around + 20 ° C), people from all over the world come to the North Sea coast. In the same Hague is Scheveningen, once imprinted in the paintings of Van Gogh, and in Tessel, the coastal zones of Hook van Holland and Zandvoort leave to rest, even with children.

 The Dutch like to eat hearty: for the first and second they prefer meat dishes, fish, and the key product remains fried potatoes. If you went to the country for the first time to add impressions of the country, try real pea soup, stamping and various sweets, analogues of which are in Russian cuisine: pancakes, donuts, wafers and other desserts. By the way, the famous Montpensier came to the world from Holland.

Traveling to a country that once defeated "tulip fever" is recommended at any time of the year. But it is in summer you can soak up the rays of not very generous sun, and in the rest of the year do not forget to take cozy sweaters and warm jackets. Book a transfer in the Netherlands at