Transfer in Poland

Transfer in Poland is a convenient method of traveling to a specific destination. This way you save money and time as well as quickly get to any destination point. If you are traveling with kids, do not forget to point out that you need a child seat. Book a transfer in Poland and travel with comfort.

Poland is a popular touristic destination. Here anybody can find something interesting: historical guided tours, visiting very beautiful churches, beach and ski resorts.

The capital of Warsaw is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. You should visit the Royal Castle and Krakow Suburb, both of which are located on the right bank of Wisla river. The now-restored Market Square which is in the center of the city was practically destroyed during WWII. Today it is a popular tourist attraction. At the center of the square stands the Siren of Warsaw, one of the city’s symbols. In Krakow, tourists can find the same architecture but not touched by the war. When visiting Wawel Castle, do not forget to see the famous Sigmund bell in one of the cathedrals. The popular legend says if you make a wish while it rngs, the wish will definitely come true. The famous Auschwitz museum is located just 60 km away from Krakow.

Poland is also full of beautiful scenery in Tatra mountains and national park which is known for its caves, lakes, meadows and Wielka Siklawa waterfall.

The ski and Baltic sea resorts offer an equally good vacation. It is best to visit the seaside in May - September period when the weather is best suited for sunbathing and water activities.

The Zakopane ski resorts are best for beginners while the ones in Kasprowy Wierch are for professionals. To get to ski resorts, you need to buy a ski pass. Use passenger transport services in Poland to quickly travel between city and ski resort.