Transfer to Warsaw

Warsaw is considered an amazing place in Europe: a calm center with restored architecture, the smell of cinnamon rolls from coffee shops and quiet music in the evenings. Go here if you want to feel the unhurried rhythm of the day or plunge into the club life at night.

How to get to Warsaw? The distance between the city and the airport Frederic Chopin is 10 kilometers. The center can be reached by the SKM express train in 25 minutes. Trains run from 05:50 to 23:10 every hour. Buses run around the clock, you need routes №175 and №188. If you are traveling with friends or a large family, we recommend booking your transfer in Warsaw in advance through the service The driver will meet in the arrival area and quickly drive to the hotel.

Warsaw is the capital of Poland. This is the largest city in Europe, which preserved the features of past eras. People come here to take a walk along the picturesque embankments of the Vistula, to visit the Lasenkovsky Park and try the rich soup in Zhurek bread. In the XIX century, Warsaw was called Eastern Paris for its originality and beauty. Sculptures and monuments on the streets, buildings with fancy patterns, blooming flower beds and fountains create an amazing architectural appearance.

Acquaintance with the city is recommended to start with a tour of the Royal Palace on Castle Square. Polish nobility used to live here. Now everyone can walk through the flowering garden adjacent to the building and visit the expositions inside, where the nobles' costumes, decorations, paintings and other personal belongings are displayed. The castle is a monument of national culture, so there are often exhibitions, concerts or festivals. To understand Warsaw, you need to go to the Old Town, which you can get around in a few hours. Tourists walk along the Krakow Suburb, where the Tyszkiewicz and Chapski Palaces, the Polish nobility, the historic Bristol Hotel and the Academy of Fine Arts are located. There are benches with fancy iron decorations everywhere.

After World War II, many of the objects of historical objects were destroyed, so they had to be restored from photographs and drawings again. For this, the center of Warsaw is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List as an example of reliable reconstruction.

Be sure to visit the monument to Chopin, and from there take a look at Lazienki, the most famous park complex with alleys of the XVIII-XIX centuries. On the territory there is the Park of Fountains, where in the evenings they arrange multimedia shows. There is also a Palace on the water, where a collection of European paintings is represented, and a zoo was opened next to the building. To visit the surroundings and see its nature in Poland, rent a car with a driver in Warsaw. This will save you time and travel in comfort.

What is the move around the city? From the center to the distant areas there are buses and trams from 06:00 to 22:30. At each stop there is a schedule and direction of all routes. Schedule can be viewed on the site of public transport. Tickets are bought at the kiosks or from the driver for cash. Taxis in Warsaw are expensive, so if you need to get to the airport or a nearby city, book a transfer. An experienced driver will quickly take you to the place and help you get your luggage through. Enjoy your holiday!