Transfer in Portugal

Any vacation should be planned in advance: tickets purchase and transfer, of course. If you book a car you save time and money in your travels. You don’t need to look for a driver or public transport. The driver will meet you in the arrival zone, help you with the luggage and comfortably deliver you to your destination.

Portugal used to be a rich empire with large colonies, Today it is a small country on the Iberian Peninsula which is famous for its paradise resorts, untouched wildlife and unique architecture. Locals still honor the traditions, preserve the historical monuments. At the same time, they value comfort and entertainment. The Portuguese lead a calm and peaceful life. The country-wide siesta is 3h long ( from 12 pm to 15 pm). Don’t be surprised all the restaurants and shops are closed at this time.

The capital of Lisbon holds many strongholds, castles, and churches of Rococo, Baroque and Gothic styles. The most interesting example of local architecture are streets decorated with azulejos. You should definitely walk down these picturesque streets and take a couple of photos.

When tired of the city hustle, travel to the seaside. The second most-visited city is Porto where each church is worth visiting. The Portuguese are very pious. The city of Braga ( only 50 km away) is where the residence of the catholic archbishop is located.

Not everything is this formal and boring. For the youth there are numerous clubs, yacht cruises, surfing and camping in the most reclusive corners of Portugal.

Local flora is surprisingly beautiful and exotic : rocky mountains with topic trees rise above the Atlantic and the coastline is 563 km long. The climate of Portugal is subtropical which allows for a comfortable vacation even during the hottest months.

The visit to Caba da Roca (also known as the Edge of the World) promises an unforgettable experience. After you walk up the rocky road, you can see the amazing vastness of the ocean. The guides can share many interesting legends and true stories which all took place here, in the most picturesque place in Portugal.

People also come to Portugal for exquisite cuisine, affordable shopping and national holidays which include corrida, carnivals and festivals - all of them equally breathtaking.

We advise to travel to Portugal in the period of June-September for recuperation process and any time - for shopping and sightseeing. Whenever you plan your vacation, book a transfer in Portugal for comfortable travel between hotel and airport and between cities and landmarks.