Transfer to Madeira

The island of eternal summer and spring, Madeira meets tourists all year round. Once you've been here, you will want to come back again. Going on vacation, do not forget to book a transfer from Funchal Airport. This is a great way to quickly reach any city on the island. You will be greeted by a driver with a nameplate. He will help carry the luggage and deliver to the hotel. Travel comfortably with!

Mayera is Portuguese islands in the North Atlantic, which is located closer to Morocco than to the alma mater. The archipelago includes Madeira, Porto Santo and the uninhabited island of Dizertash. On the coast of the main island are mountain ranges, and the continent itself is dotted with green forests and small lakes. Tourists come here to have a good rest at the resorts. Nature here is unusual, the air is exceptionally clean, and the kitchen surprises with its originality.

Since the coast is rocky, there are not enough places for rest, most of them are artificial. In the south-western part, there are beaches Praia to Vijaro and Calheta, where local and tourists rest. They are considered the best in Madeira. Surfers catch a wave near the pebble floor to Mar. On Praia da Faya, you can only get on the cable car, as it is under the rock.

In Santa Cruz, the swimming zones of Praia das Palmeras and Praia de Sao Fernando overlook the sea. Also here are excellent sites for diving, some of the best in Madeira. The north-western part of the Atlantic basin is restless. The waves rise high, so this part of the island is entirely reserved for surfing. Unusual is Praia da Laje, with black sand located in a quiet bay. Not all beaches have a developed infrastructure, so when choosing a hotel, check out the availability of beaches, shops and cafes. If you want to drive the entire island along and across, rent a car with a driver in Madeira. Traveling by car will leave more impressions and emotions than traveling on public transport.

Many of Madeira's sights are nature's creations. Mountains, caves, waterfalls and extinct volcanoes. In Madeira, it is best to go on a guided tour, it is recommended to visit only beaches on your own. It is equally interesting to visit the relic forest Laurisilva and the Botanical Garden. Walking on specially created trails, it will be pleasant to enjoy the exotic flora.

In addition to natural monuments, Madeira has preserved the architecture of past centuries. This is a nunnery near Curral-dash-Fresh, and the Cathedral of St. Clara in Funcheal, as well as the Palace of San Lorenzo and the park in Santana. A lot of picturesque villages are concentrated on the island, where you can get acquainted with the life of fishermen, try local dishes and, of course, go fishing. In addition, it is worth to visit at least one museum: history, modern art, ethnography, wine and many others.

Madeira can be reached from Lisbon by plane. After arriving at the airport Cristiano Ronaldo, book individual transportation around the island. Transfer to Madeira is the best way to get to anywhere on the island in time.

In the territory of the island, there are buses Horários do Funchal. For the disabled, there are separate minibuses, Linha Eco, where passengers are disembarked on demand. Some routes involve stops on the sights. For example, near the Botanical Garden and on the beaches. Tickets are bought immediately on the bus.

Madeira offers great opportunities for tourists. The Islanders are quite hospitable, and the prices for all entertainments are affordable.