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Moscow is the capital of Russia, a hero city and a modern metropolis. Tourists and weeks are not enough to explore all the sights of the city: from historical buildings and to modern skyscrapers. Everyone will find here entertainment and excursions for any purpose: historical, cultural and even mystical. In order to see as many memorable places as possible in a short time, rent a car with a personal driver in Moscow. Before arrival, take care of the comfort in advance: book a transfer in Moscow You will find many great offers from local carriers. If you come with a large group of people, rent a bus.

Moscow was founded in 1147. After 2 centuries, the first Kremlin was built up. All roads of the city are leading today in Kremlin. It is the visiting card of the country. There are other famous architectural monuments: Tsar-Pushka, Ivan-Kolokol, Assumption and Annunciation cathedrals. Near the residence of the President of the Russian Federation is the Red Square, the Lenin Mausoleum, the popular with tourists GUM and St. Basil's Cathedral within the Kremlin. In order to experience the spirit of Moscow, you need to walk along historic streets and boulevards: Tverskaya Street, Garden Ring, Pokrovka, Pushkinskaya Square. Every building in the centre of the city keeps its history. For example, once there lived a famous figure, and today there is a museum.

A special attention should be paid to the Old Arbat. It is a meeting place for tourists, artists and musicians. There are the popular cafes and restaurants, museum-apartment AS. Pushkin Theater, Vakhtangov Theater, Melnikov's futuristic house, Tsoi Wall and other interesting attractions. New Arbat with fashion boutiques, restaurants and the famous cinema "Red October" are in parallel with the old street.

Many museums, although the capital itself is called the city-museum: the Pushkin Museum, the Tretyakov Gallery, the Armory, the Red-stone Historical Museum and many others in Moscow. The young generation prefers the Garage museum and MMOMA, where exhibitions are changed with the works of contemporary artists monthly.

Moscow should be seen with your own eyes: each lane and building within the Garden Ring. And among the parks, guests and residents of the capital prefer Gorky Park, which is located along the embankment. In summer, there are many sports grounds, bike rental points and longboards. In winter, almost half of the park's territory turns into a skating rink with music and light effects. To go on skis without mountains and at any time of year in Moscow, it is possible in a mountain-skiing complex "SNEZHKOM".

With children, it is worth to go to the Moscow Zoo, one of the oldest in Europe, the Sokolniki Park, where there are attractions and carousels. VDNH (Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy) is an exhibition and museum complex, which is visited annually by about 25 million people. In the park, there are more than 100 cultural-significant objects, 49 of which are recognized as monuments of cultural heritage. Fountains "Stone Flower" and "Friendship of Peoples", front arches, and the whole complex as a whole is a real masterpiece of architecture. At VDNH entrance is free, here you can rent a bicycle or scooter and ride throughout the area, which is 317 hectares, together with the park Ostankino.

Panoramic view of the pride can be seen from the observation platforms of the Ostankino Tower, skyscrapers of Moscow City, Vorobyovy Gory and others. If you do not know how to get to Moscow City or other places, book a transfer in Moscow.

The transport system of the city is very difficult for the tourist, nevertheless, it works without a malfunction. Without applications on the smartphone is not enough. The most popular type of public transport is the metro. Thanks to underground routes, ground transportation is unloaded. By the way, some stations are also the sights of Moscow: Mayakovskaya, Revolution Square, Belorusskaya, Kievskaya and many others are decorated with columns, sculptures and stained-glass windows. For informational purposes, it is recommended to take a bus on the Garden Ring or by tram to the city centre.