Transfer in Singapore

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The flight to Singapore, on average, lasts from ten hours. Once in the country, you don't want to go by public transport? Book your transfer to Singapore via The driver will arrive on time and will wait in the arrival zone. He will help to bring the luggage and, if you ask, will tell you about the most iconic sights.

Singapore is an amazing country where buildings are built according to the rules of feng shui. The area of ​​the smallest state in the world is about 710 square kilometers. Despite this, the territory is constantly increasing: from the recycled household waste, artificial lands are created in the sea. At factories from garbage create a special dust. After that, it is evenly distributed in the cells located in the sea. The shoreline of the new islands is supported by a stone and plastic dam.

 The capital is the eponymous city. Here the economy, industry, trade and culture are actively developing. The center attracts tourists with its unique sights. For example, the Fountain of Wealth, a 165-meter ferris wheel or the Botanical Garden. By the number of entertainment Singapore isn't inferior to New York or Hong Kong. See also: Sentosa, Pulau Ubin and Pulau-Tekong. Travelers arrive in this country to do diving, shopping, visit the world-famous Singaporean zoo and taste the national cuisine. Use the services for the transportation of passengers in Singapore through the service You will save your time and see many more interesting places.

If you travel with children, we recommend you to book a transfer in Singapore on the site Point out this in the comments, and in the car will install children's chairs. Renting a car with a driver in Singapore is also a convenient way to travel around the country. The salon is equipped with air conditioning and you can avoid the local heat. A nice holiday!