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If you want to combine an active and relaxing holiday, go on an excursion to the jungle in the afternoon, and dance in the evening on the Indian Ocean embankment, we recommend going to Singapore.

In Singapore, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, and Buddhism are practiced. These religions harmoniously exist next to each other, adding color to the everyday life of local residents and tourists. The city honors national traditions. Over the past 50 years, the capital of the country of the same name has reached its economic, tourist and cultural heyday. Over a million travelers come here every year.

The city attracts with its clean beaches, historical and cultural monuments, unique nature and climate. For many tourists, Singapore is an exotic place where you want to visit at least once.

Everyone will find a suitable occupation here. We recommend to visit the Oceanarium on Sentosa. You can book an individual excursion or swim with dolphins, visit the performance of killer whales and charming belugas. Guests are surrounded by huge aquariums: on the side, instead of walls, on the ceiling and even on the floor. More than 10 thousand species live in the aquarium. Two years ago, a white shark cub was brought here. For him, created a special separate aquarium with a length of 40 meters.

Particular attention is attracted by the Merlion Park. In the center stands a monument to the mythological sea lion, the patron saint of Singapore. It symbolizes the present, past and future of the country. Its height reaches 8 meters, and weight is 70 tons. On the territory there are special houses for picnics, shops and souvenir shops are everywhere. In the evenings include illumination and light music.

After a rest day, you can go on a night safari. For tourists in tinted jeeps arrange excursions and talk about the life of animals after sunset. The funds received go to the fund to protect animals from the extinction of white elephants, Malayan tigers, tapirs and Asian lions. More than 3000 thousand species live here. They are distributed in seven geographical areas.

Those who love outdoor activities will love the Tanjong Beach Club. In the afternoon they swim in the sea, and in the evening they make noisy discos.

Transportation is well developed in Singapore. There is a subway: underground and light. The first consists of four lines and connects all areas of the island. The second is from three directions plying from distant quarters to the city center. The cars are clean and comfortable, air-conditioned. There are more than 50 bus lines. Drivers don't accept cards, so it’s best to pay in cash. The famous island of Sentosa and Singapore are connected by a monorail. Daily from 6:00 to 23:50. Tourists can admire the views from the cable car cabins from Mount Faber.

How to get from Singapore to the airport?

There are several options. For example, the East West Green express train runs every 15 minutes from 06:00 to 22:00. Opp Millenia Twr bus runs less and longer. Travel time takes more than an hour. Booking a transfer on the site is the best and fastest option. The driver will arrive on time at the specified address and take him to the airport.

Singapore combines the best of what is in Asia and Europe. In the afternoon, immerse yourself in the bustle of the city to feel like a local, and in the evening meditate while admiring the Indian Ocean. We wish you a bright and pleasant stay!