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The amazing city of Algeciras is located not far from Gibraltar, just 50 kilometers from Morocco. From Arabic, its name translates as "green island". If you want to feel the spirit of modern Spain, we recommend starting your journey from this place.

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Algeciras is a major port in the south of Spain. It connects Eurasia and Africa, having strategic significance. It is an industrial and industrial center of its region. The history of the city began in the V century BC: the first fortress was built by the ancient Romans. Its territory was repeatedly conquered by other tribes, influencing the development of culture and trade. The greatest contribution was made by the Moors who owned the city from the VIII to the XIII centuries.

In the eastern part is the aqueduct of the XVIII century. The Wall of Merignes organized an exhibition of defensive fortifications of the Middle Ages. Not far from the city port in 1723 the temple of the Virgin de la Palma was built.

Another popular place is the El Estrecho National Park. There are hiking paths, tent areas and rent of traditional Arctic rowing boats. We recommend visiting the reserve "Ornipark" is a unique place where there are more than 10 thousand species of birds. A beautiful panorama is revealed during a trip on a yacht in Gibraltar or from mountain peaks.

In the city there are 12 bus lines connecting the center and the far regions. Opening hours are from 07:00 to 21:45. This is the most popular mode of transport in Algeciras. Special tourist buses go to the National Park and other attractions. If you like exploring the area on your own, rent a bicycle in one of the shopping centers. For example, in the "Puerta Europe". Want to see picturesque surroundings is rent a car with a driver.

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