Transfer in Spain

Any trip should have its plan: from choosing your hotel to making your trip route plan of country sights. It is important to book a transfer in Spain to get from the airport to the destination and don’t look for a taxi.

Spain is the country with essential cultural heritage and paradise resort beaches. People go there to have a rest on the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic ocean coast and also to see local sights and culture.

The Canary Islands are the most exciting sight in the country with fascinating beach resorts. The Canary Islands are located near to Morocco but officially it is a part of Spain. In addition to the beaches of Ibiza, picturesque Tenerife and gorgeous Costa Brava, tourists go to mountains for active leisure time. There are more than 10 mountain ski stations which differ with length and traces’ types. Professional skiers more often go there to enjoy this kind of sport.

Madrid is the capital of Spain. It is located almost in the centre of the Iberian Peninsula near the mountain the Sierra de Guadarrama. The city is a complex of wide avenues, squares, fountains and eclectic architecture and museums. The most beautiful place is Plaza de Cibeles. In its centre is the fountain with the sculpture of Rome goddess of fertility. The square is surrounded by historical buildings and palaces of the XVIII-XX centuries: Cibeles, Linares, the Bank of Spain, Palacio de Comunicaciones and others.

The most popular city in Spain is Barcelona with its beaches, yachts, shopping malls, Catalonian cuisine and amazing architecture of Gaudi. The architect created about 20 masterpieces and 10 of them are in the capital of Catalonia. Car rental with a driver is a good way to travel around the country. You can visit more country sights or go to the neighbouring country using a transfer: in Andorra, Portugal, France, Gibraltar and others. You can rent a car with a driver for one hour, full day or more - everything depends on your wishes.

The sun shines brightly all year round there but in winter, you will not be able to sunbathe. In the cold season (+7 °C...+17 °C), it is worth to spend your holiday with cultural sights. In the heat of summer, the temperature is up to +35 °С and the beach season is from May until September.

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