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Do not forget to book a transfer to Barcelona from the airport on the vacation. The driver will meet you with a nameplate and help you with your luggage. The price of the transfer will be fixed. Leave bid on and travel in comfort!

There are old buildings and palaces, cathedrals and large parks, squares with verandas and fountains. It is about the bright city of Spain – Barcelona. There are concentrated the creations of Gaudi, the largest port in Europe and the most popular destination for recreation. Barcelona is located in the North-East of the country, in the region of Catalonia and is its direct capital. The city is an important economic and industrial centre, as merchant ships approach the local marinas on a daily basis.

Barcelona consists of 10 districts, but for the tourist experience will be enough to visit the Gothic quarter, Eixample and Montjuïc. Getting to know Barcelona is worth starting with Plaza Catalunya, around which are concentrated such memorable places as The Maritime Museum, the monument to Columbus, the National Palace and the Palace of Marset. Boulevard La Rambla goes to the sea from the square. Great place for an evening promenade and a leisurely stroll. Gracia is a creative neighbourhood with narrow streets. Experienced tourists and the local population know the cosy places and inexpensive places, which is a lot in Gracia. In this area, there is the Park Guell. Initially, Guell planned to build a city-garden, but from all sites was bought only two, so the idea failed. However, Antonio Gaudi was the owner of one of the plots. He was involved in the construction of buildings and facilities of the Park. Today there are children's rides, playgrounds, fountains, recreation areas and other entertainment. "Fiesta Major" held in Park Guell in the last 2 weeks of August.

In the Gothic quarter, you should visit the Cathedral, the Church of San Pablo and Sagrada Familia, which, incidentally, also built Gaudi. The Picasso Museum, the Olympic Museum and the National Museum of Catalan Art are all popular. There is the Historical Museum and chapel of Santa Agata on the square Rey.

A 170-meters Sagrada Familia is another creation of Gaudi in Eixample. You should visit the Museum of Joan Miró and the Magic Fountain in Montjuïc.

Barcelona's beaches are 5 km long along the coast. These are clean beaches with developed infrastructure. Every day you can go to a new beach and on the 5th day already visit the one that most liked: Barceloneta, Ikaria, Mar Linen, Sitges. You can get to any of the beaches on an individual transfer in Barcelona. Leave application for and travel with no problems!

By the way, about the transportation. Barcelona's public transport consists of buses, trams, metro and city trains. To visit the attractions will be enough to use the subway, but when you go to some stations need to pay an additional fee. In addition to the metro, there are city trains-also underground transport Rodalies and FGC, as a separate unit from the metro.

There are many tram routes: as in other cities, you can take the tram and quietly explore the sights of the cool wagon. The cost of a taxi in the city also depends on the time of day, the day of week and holidays. So the cost must be negotiated before boarding.

If you have painted a cultural program with visits to key attractions in Barcelona, rent a car with a private driver. No need to ask taxi drivers or local people how to get to the centre of Barcelona. The driver of the car or bus will quickly take you to memorable places, wait and take you back to the hotel. Choose and travel with no problems!