Transfer to Mataro

If you want to be on the uninhabited coast of the Mediterranean Sea, to stay in a quiet and peaceful place, we recommend to visit Mataro. A small town, located 30 kilometers from Barcelona, ​​borders the popular resort of Costa Brava. Clean beaches, fresh sea air and real Spanish hospitality are an important part of the province of Costa del Marisme.

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There are many interesting sights here. Several centuries ago, on the site of Mataro was located the settlement of Iluro, founded by ancient Romans. Archaeologists still find fragments of the amphitheater, aqueducts, baths and pagan temples. In the center of the city you can see the buildings built by the famous architects Antonio Gaudi and Josep Puig-i-Cadafalque. For example, the Casa Batllo and the mansion Amalie.

Walking around the city, pay attention to the Church of St. Mary of the XVIII century. This is the first temple, executed in the Romanesque style. Over time, the facade of the building acquired features of neoclassicism.

The main public transport is buses. There are domestic and intercity flights linking Mataro including the surrounding area. Opening hours are from 08:00 to 21:00. On the weekends until 19:00. Local people prefer to ride the streets on bicycles, and tourists rent cars with a driver.

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