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According to the Swiss, Bern is the most beautiful city in the country. Houses encircled by ivy, stone pavements and amazing views of snow-capped hills. From here, many trips and excursions to the Alps begin. Once here, order a transfer to Bern via The driver will meet with a nameplate at the airport and quickly drive to the hotel.

In a relatively small area, medieval castles, modern architecture and ancient monuments harmoniously coexist. They embody the history of the country. Bern is one of the most important cities. Bern is one of the important cities, founded in the XII century at the foot of inaccessible mountains in the valley of the river Ary. Today it is a popular resort: in summer national and music festivals are held, and in winter they go skiing or snowboarding. The center of the Old Town, like Zurich, is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

A distinctive feature of Bern is arcade, a kind of canopies over the side parts of the streets. Under such a picturesque structure you can hide from the rain and admire the skillful work of artists and architects.

The ancient buildings of the XIII century is the Federal Palace of Parliament and the French Church. The symbol of the capital is their age, the tower Tsitglogge. Her gate served as the entrance to the city. The stained-glass windows of the Bern Cathedral deserve special attention. Each depicts biblical scenes or engraved quotes from the Scriptures. The spire of the temple reaches 100 meters in height.

All the fountains are made according to the designs of the sculptor Hans Ging in the XVI century. Modest and laconic, voluminous and catchy decorate both the center and the distant quarters. The name of the city came from the word "bear". Several centuries ago they lived on the territory of modern Bern. Nowadays, two parks "Berengraben" have been created for them.

There are many museums in Bern. The house of Albert Einstein is more popular. The exposition presents his personal belongings, scientific records, decor items. The Federal Institute of Intellectual Property holds 30 million patents, starting with a clerical button and ending with ski boots. There is a special exhibition of ideas that have not been accepted for various reasons.

Local residents travel around the city by public transport: bus, tram, trolley, taxi and bicycle rental. Between the capital of Switzerland and neighboring cities, commuter trains run S-Bahn. The fare is paid through a mobile application or vending machines installed at stops. If you don’t know how to get to Bern, book a transfer in advance at and travel in comfort.