Transfer in Switzerland

Experienced tourists plan their travel in advance: make the route, book tickets and hotel rooms, look for the available means of transportation and choose economically advantageous ones. You can choose a suitable transfer in Switzerland through our online car booking service. The price is fixed while booking.

Switzerland is famous for its landscapes, interesting guided tours, expensive resorts and also for the high prices. People go there for different purposes: financial issues (in fact, Swiss banks are the safest ones), spa- and ski resorts. Notwithstanding the goals of travelling, book a car with a driver in Switzerland. It will be much comfortable to go between cities and cantons.

The country consists of 26 cantons. Each territorial centre has its own moral principles and norms. By the way, people speak 4 languages: German, French, English and Rheto-Romance.

The capital of the country is Bern. There are lots of cultural monuments preserved both in museums and in the medieval architecture of the historic centre of Bern. It is worth to visit the cathedral with the highest bell tower, the clock tower the Zytglogge, and don’t forget to take some pictures in front of the fountains Samson and Moses. In Geneva, there is an exciting 140-metres fountain and you can go for a walk along the local riviera on the shores of the Geneva lake. Zurich is famous for its gothic architectural buildings, churches the Fraumünster and the Grossmünster. In Montreux, tourists go to the mysterious Chillon Castle. If you want to see as many exciting sights as possible, use the passenger’s transportation services in Switzerland.

Mountain tourism is widespread in Switzerland. Ski resorts are well-known for their sky-high prices as well as great advantages over other European winter holidays. In Zermatt, there is famous “falling” route. Only professionals and bravest tourists ski from a height of 2627 metres. In St. Moritz, there are 60 chairlifts with a picturesque view on the Alps and 350 kilometres of excellent tracks. Switzerland doesn’t have any access to the sea so local beaches are situated on the shores of the Geneva, Luzern and Zurich lakes.

The climate is moderately continental in Switzerland. In the mountainous and central parts, there is an Alpine climate influenced by the Atlantic. There is no hot and cold weather or high humidity in the country.

Despite the fact that prices are high, they are justifiable. Excellent service and rest at the level of 5-stars are guaranteed in any canton. Book a transfer in Switzerland and have fun while travelling.