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The transport system of Switzerland is a difficult structure for the tourist without knowledge of local languages. You do not need to look for how to get to Geneva, book a transfer. You will find an advantageous offer from the carrier in the selected region at The driver will meet you in the arrival area with a nameplate and you quickly get the destination to the specified application. Travel comfortably with!

Geneva is a popular tourist destination in Switzerland. The city is located in a picturesque corner of the country: it is on the west coast of Lake Leman, which is surrounded by the Alps. Geneva is also called the "capital of the world" since there is the headquarters of the Red Cross and the UN. As in Zurich, there are many banks and other organizations involved in financial transactions. By the way, if you need to go to another city, book a transfer in Geneva.

There are many historical buildings, parks along the Lehmann and museums In Geneva. It is worth seeing and capturing in the photo a well-known 140-meters fountain of Zhe d'Or. The fountain is illuminated by colourful lights at night - a truly breathtaking sight.

The city is divided into 2 parts by the river Rhone. The old town is on the left coast. Town halls, narrow cobbled streets with many cosy cafes, create the originality of this area. By the way, the famous boutiques of French fashion designers, jewellery from New York and other stores are on the Rue de Rhone. There are significant institutions in the state, the UN building and banks on the right side.

It's nice to sit after shopping on the longest bench in the world At the Burg de Four, which was created during the Roman Empire. Its length is 120 meters. Luna parks, flea markets, fairs usually take place at Penpal Square. The St. Peter's Cathedral of the 12th century is nearby. The building is created in mixed styles of Baroque, Classicism and Gothic. There is the throne of John Calvin, a relic for Protestants.

It is also worth visiting the Basilica of Notre Dame, famous for its sculpture of the Virgin Mary, to see a flower clock not far from the Promenade du Lac.

If you travel with children, be sure to go to the chocolate factories "The Cell", the Zoo and nature parks, which in Geneva are very many, and in the water park Le Bouvre. In the Museum of Natural History, not only guests of the city spend their time, but also local people.

The beach season on Lake Leman lasts from May to September. The infrastructure here is developed: there is even free Wi-Fi. The entrance is paid, as well as on the Geneva beach.

There are good ground and water transport, but there is no metro in Geneva. Universal tickets are valid for all types of transport in the city. In the suburbs, there are buses from the station Cornavin. Genevaers prefer bicycles to other types of transport, tourists are advised to rent cars with a personal driver. For example, on For round trips, it is convenient to book a transfer from Geneva airport, and vice versa.