Transfer from Geneva to Gstaad

Gstaad is a ski resort in Switzerland, located at the junction of four mountain slopes. It represents six combined regions, which provides an interesting and varied skating for skiers of any level, from beginner to professional. Between them buses and trains run. The trails are equipped with modern lifts. For snowboarders there are special fan parks with the ability to perform jumps and other exercises. On many tops there are stations for sledging. Trails for them stretched for more than 10 kilometers.

The place is very popular among representatives of the business elite and creative professions. Local hotels and chalets built in the 20th century are among the best: excellent architecture, design and quality service. In Gstaad there is something to do after active rest. For example, visit the ancient St. Maurice Church or art gallery, local history museum or free zoo.

Tourists come from Zurich or Geneva. The airports of these cities are closest to the resort. Especially from Geneva. Travel time is from 2.5 hours. How to get from Geneva to Gstaad? You can choose from the options below.

Ways to get from Geneva to Gstaad

By bus -
Geneva is not connected by bus routes with the resort of Gstaad. Take advantage of the train or rent a car with a driver.
By train 3 hours
From the main platform of the Geneva Central Railway Station, trains No. 90EC and No. 15-Y run to the resort. In the city of Montreux, you make a transfer. You need suburban express trains to Gstaad.
Rent a car from 2 hours
The distance between Geneva and the resort is more than 160 kilometers. If you travel a large company and carry heavy ski equipment, we recommend renting a car with a driver on the site The driver will wait for you in the arrival zone in advance and help convey things.
On the transfer from 1 hour 35 minutes
Book your transfer from Geneva to Gstaad through the service You choose the price of a trip from the offered options. The cost is fixed after payment. The brand of the car and the professional experience of the driver who will meet at the airport are known in advance.