Transfer to Davos

Switzerland is famous for its winter resorts all over the world. One of the popular destinations is Davos. It is located at an altitude of 1560 meters above sea level. Numerous slopes meet the criteria of both experienced lovers of extreme sports and beginners. When planning a vacation in one of such places, book a transfer in Davos through the service It's fast, convenient and comfortable. In addition, I have prestigious medical clinics and sanatoriums here.

Davos is a major tourist city in the south-east of Switzerland, with a unique climate. Skiing or snowboarding is possible even during high humidity levels. The most unusual thing is riding a horse-drawn sleigh.

The history of the resort began in the XVIII century. Travelers came here for the sake of landscapes and pure alpine air. Then in the XX century, the World Economic Forum was held for the first time, which has since been organized annually. Davos adjoins the small German principality of Liechtenstein.

In addition to active recreation, the resort has many interesting sights. In Kirchner's gallery a rich collection of the Impressionists' work is kept. There is a Toy and Mining Museum, as well as regular national and sports exhibitions. In the center of the city is built the church of St. John of the XV century, where the stained glass windows of Giacometti are located at the altar.

An example of modern architecture is the International Sports Complex with the latest equipment. They give out equipment for skiing or snowboarding, teach figure skating and other types of winter sports. For adults and children there is always a swimming pool, tennis and riding school. There are also cafes, karaoke and nightclubs.

Transport isn’t as numerous as in the same Zurich. There are free guest buses for tourists of the ski resort, and there is also a local railway. Travel is carried out on a special guest card, which is issued in hotels. In the summer, bicycle rental is available, for which lifts to the mountains are equipped. Taxi services are rarely used. The prices for the trip are high even for short distances.

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