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The transfer is a popular way to travel from airports and train stations to a hotel or other destination. Book a transfer from Zurich airport at You do not need to look for ways to get to Zurich. You do not have to wait for a taxi and a bus on a schedule. After filling out an application, you will receive several offers. Choose the most advantageous offer and travel comfortably with!

Zurich is a financial and cultural centre in the northeast of Switzerland. It located within 30 kilometres from the Alps. People go to the city not only to create a treasured account in a Swiss bank but also to get acquainted with the history and culture of the country. In addition, people come here for international conferences in the Palais des Congrès. Zurich is the leader in the list of the most environmentally friendly cities and the highest standard of living.

Excursion around the city is quite intense. The historical centre of Niederdorf consists of atmospheric streets with small buildings and apartment buildings. There are many interesting shops, pastry shops, cafes with traditional treats and antique shops.

There are many museums in the city. Worth a visit at least the Kunsthaus Museum and the National Museum from a long list. By the way, we recommend you to go at the Opera Theater in Bellevue Square and the concert of the Tonhalle Orchestra. There are stained-glass windows and a nave in the Orthodox Church of Fraumunster. Stained-glass windows and a nave were designed by Marc Chagall himself in the 1970s. The business card of the city was the monastery of Grossmünster with two towers of the 12th century. Climbing the observation deck of one tower, you will see the city in all its glory: picturesque houses, green streets and the Limmat River. St. Peter's Church, Zurich Town Hall and many other religious and historical buildings should be listed on the "must see" list.

Every year more and more tourists come to Tsuhir, as the world's most popular ski resorts are located just outside the city: Atzmaennig, Engelberg, Melchsee-Frutt and others. The ski season lasts from December to May. In addition to snow resorts, the city has beaches on the coast of Lake Zurich.

The Swiss took care of the transport communication in the country. The most popular in the city are trams, as it is the most environmentally friendly type of transport. There are also trolleybuses. Only buses and taxis go at night. The metro network is within the canton: trains stop at the railway stations. Many tourists prefer funiculars and river buses. Going to the alpine ski resort or to the suburbs, book a transfer to Zurich on to quickly reach the selected place.