Transfer from Zurich to Arosa

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In the picturesque valley of Shanfig lies Arosa, a Swiss ski resort. It is surrounded by the peaks of Graubünden, thanks to this for many centuries, formed its own microclimate with clean air. At the resorts there are modern lifts and tracks with a total length of more than 60 kilometers. For beginners, there are schools for skiing or snowboarding, as well as a zone for figure skating. After active rest during the day you can stroll among the wooden alpine houses, go on an excursion, visit the mountain chapel, created five centuries ago or go for a drive on a sleigh.

 Zurich Airport is the closest to Arosa, so many tourists come from here. If you do not know how to get from Zurich to Arosa, use the options below.

Ways to get from Zurich to Arosa

By bus 4 hours 20 minutes
From Zurich Main Station, take bus number K288, the next to a small town of Cours. From the local station "Obere Yu" shuttle bus number 2 to the stop Bahthof Platz. After that, you need to make a transfer to flight number 70-Y71-Y, which runs once a week. In 30 minutes you will find yourself in Arosa.
By train 2 hours 55 minutes
Every hour from the Central Station of Zurich, there is express No. 3ICE3-Y. He follows the town of Cours. From there, by train number 101-Y89-Y, which will take you to the resort.
Rent a car 1 hour 50 minutes
The distance between Zurich and Arosa is more than 150 kilometers. For a comfortable trip, rent a car with a driver on the site This will allow you not only to quickly reach the resort, but also enjoy the journey.
On the transfer from 1 hour 15 minutes
Book your transfer from Zurich to Arosa via the service. The driver will wait for you in the arrival area with a name plate and help carry the luggage. Also there is a round-the-clock information support of clients.

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