Transfer from Zurich to Engelberg

Engelberg is the oldest and most picturesque ski resort in Switzerland. It is located 2000 meters above sea level and 90 kilometers from Zurich. There are trails here that will suit beginners, amateurs and professionals. The season lasts from October to May.

The resort is divided into two zones: the first, the northern, - for beginners skiers; second, southern - for the experienced. All tracks are equipped with ski lifts, and for snowboarders there are separate lines.

In the sports center you can swim in the pool, bask in the sauna or solarium, go skating or play tennis. In the evening, vacationers gather in restaurants and local casinos.

The nearest airports are in Zurich and Geneva. If you do not have a ticket yet, then choose a flight to Zurich. The distance between the city and Engelberg is only 88 kilometers. Time spent on the road is less and the cost of travel is cheaper.

How to get from Zurich to Engelberg?

Ways to get from Zurich to Engelberg

By bus
There are no bus routes, so take another public transport or rent a car with a driver.
By train 2 hours 15 minutes
Train No.70 runs daily from Zurich Central Station. You reach the city of Lucerne and transfer to Express No. 8-Y, which runs every hour. The terminal station is Engelberg.
Rent a car from 1 hour 30 minutes
In order not to waste time on the way and not make several transfers, we recommend rent a car . See advance with the route and make a comfortable trip from Zurich to Engelberg
On the transfer 1 hour
Book your transfer from Zurich to Engelberg via the service. The cost of the trip is final after confirmation of the application. If you have any questions related to the organization of transportation, you can always contact our customer support, which works around the clock.