Transfer from Lucerne to Sorenberg

The Sorenberg ski resort is located in the Entlebuh nature reserve. In the summer, there are guided tours of the marshy trails and ride bicycles. In winter, the ski season begins, which lasts until the end of March.

In Sorenberg like beginners and experienced skiers. This is the largest ski area in Switzerland, where there are 17 lifts and more than 53 kilometers of various tracks. The slopes of the top of Brienzer Rothorn are perfect for sharpening their skills. Pros and extreme lovers will appreciate the slopes of the Shrattenfluh mountain.

The resort has rental stations, ski schools for children and adults. From 09:00 to 19:00 there are cafes and restaurants with stunning views of the Alps. In the evening, take a walk in the reserve or go on an excursion to the local history museum. You can ride a dog sled or sleigh ride.

47 kilometers from the resort is Lucerne. This is the best and fastest route for travelers.

How to get from Lucerne to Zorenberg?

By bus 2 hours 18 minutes
A night flight N5 runs to the resort twice a week from the city bus station. You need to get off at the Schupfheim stop and transfer to the bus number 241, which runs once an hour.
By train 2 hours 30 minutes
Every 30 minutes train No. 5 and №470 depart from the train station. Get off at the station "Gisvil", from there to Sorenberg can be reached by transfer, which takes you to the resort.
Rent a car 50 minutes
If you want to visit not only the resort, but also its surroundings, rent a car . This is a convenient and budget way to travel in a new country. Independently plan your time and route.
On transfer 40 minutes
Book a transfer from Lucerne to Sorenberg through This is one of the most comfortable ways to travel to the resort. You don't need to buy tickets for the night flight or travel with transfers. The driver will quickly deliver to the specified location.