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Thailand has always attracted tourists from all over the world. It combines numerous beaches, architectural monuments, ancient temples and a vibrant nightlife. Not surprisingly, hundreds of thousands of tourists flock here every year. Therefore, some book a transfer to Koh Samui to the hotel in advance, so as not to think about it on arrival. Also book a transfer to Samui airport or visit the interesting sights of the island, you can, renting a car with a driver through the service

White sand, turquoise water, coconut groves. Such associations come to mind when talking about Samui. It is the third largest island after Phuket and Pattaya. It is located in the Gulf of Thailand on the east coast. Thailand attracts tourists due to the numerous spa centers and luxury hotels. Nature has preserved almost a primordial appearance due to the isolation of the island from the mainland. In addition, there were no asphalted roads until the 1970s.

Samui is interesting not only for azure beaches, but also for sights, including religious shrines of Buddhists. On a small neighboring island, connected to the Samui dam, is a golden statue of the Great Buddha 12 meters high. In the temple of Wat Khunaram, the monk's mummy was preserved in a glass coffin. Local bring flowers, fruits and incense to it. The symbol of the island is Laem-Sor, a cult pagoda with a contrasting combination of colors. In the southern part of the beach "Lamai" are located the mountains of Hin-Ta and Hin-Yai, which are a kind of masculine and feminine. A unique monument is the 20-meter waterfall Namtok. Tourists from other cities come here to swim in the cleanest natural pool. Not inferior to the beauty and greatness of the waterfall Hin-Lat, next to which in the jungle is the temple-monastery Wat Khin-Lat.

Popular excursions are riding on elephants on the island, and in the "Tiger Zoo" you can see Bengal tigers and leopards walking very close to the visitors. On the island live sea turtles. Many people come to Koh Samui to go diving or visit a crocodile farm. An amazing collection of tropical fish is represented in the city's Aquarium.

There are no usual buses, trains and trams on Koh Samui. The main mode of transport is a taxi or a sonteo or tuk-tuk. A tiny body, in the center of which there are wooden benches, on top is a canopy protecting from the rain, but not from wind and sun. Despite the rather dubious design, this is a reliable and safe way to travel around the island. Routes tuk-tuk pass along the coast, there are three of them and they smoothly flow into each other. Experienced tourists often book a transfer to Koh Samui, especially if traveling to Samui for the first time or with a lot of luggage.

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