Transfer to Jebre

Where to go to relax? Pay attention to the resort island of Jebra. There are not so many tourists here, the hotel service is not inferior in quality to European ones.

How to get to Jebra? Travelers arrive at Jebra Zarsis International Airport, located in the western part of the island, 8 kilometers from the city of Houmt Souk. The center can be reached by public transport or pre-book a transfer to Gebra through the service Travel time will take no more than 30 minutes. The driver will arrive and meet in the passenger arrival area.

This is the largest island of Tunisia, located in the Mediterranean, in the Gulf of Gabes. It is connected to the mainland by a bulk road, which the Romans built 2,000 years ago.

The tourist season lasts from early April to mid-October. People come here to, under the guidance of experienced guides, go on a sea excursion on a yacht, swim in the open sea and go diving. More than 100 kilometers here are coral reefs, where the most diverse inhabitants of the depths live. Some specially come here for thalassotherapy, because Tunisia pays special attention to this. Among the many programs, guests can choose the course Antistress, General Rehabilitation or Refined Silhouette.

The beaches of Jabra are long, framed by olive trees and date palms. The island is the southernmost resort in Tunisia, so there is always warmer than in the mainland. The main tourist area is located in the northeast of Jabra. Least of all people rest in the west of the island. If you want to enjoy swimming in silence and alone with wildlife, rent a car with a driver in Jebre. So you quickly explore the island and find amazing places.

In addition to the amazing nature, there are ancient sights in Jebre. In the VI century BC, in the region of Riyadzh, the Jews built the first El Grib synagogue on the island. The building burned down in the XIX century, after which a building with blue patterned plates was immediately erected, an exact copy of El Grib. A Torah scroll saved from fire is stored inside.

We recommend a stroll through the narrow and cobbled streets of Houmt Suk. This is the main town of Jebra, resembling a large oriental bazaar with a labyrinth of narrow alleys and clay houses. There are cafes and restaurants serving national dishes. From the Mediterranean, the capital is protected by the powerful fortress Borzh-el-Kebib, created in the XIV century for salvation from the attack of the Spanish army.

Buses and taxis ply the city. There is no stable timetable. In order for the driver to stop, you need to wave him a hand. Local move around the city by bicycle or taxi. For a comfortable trip, book in advance transfer service Experienced drivers know the surroundings well and quickly take you to the hotel or, conversely, from the hotel to the airport. Enjoy your holiday!