Transfer in Tunisia

Tunisia is the smallest country in the north of Africa. The various landscapes allow you to get into various types of activities: from sunbathing at the beach to safaris. The north-eastern part of the country is washed by the Mediterranean Sea, which made this country a popular tourist destination. Wherever your plane arrives, you can always book a transfer in Tunisia. The driver will meet you with a sign at a designated spot and take you wherever you need to go much faster than a bus or a taxi. Travel with comfort.

The tourists prefer three beach resort the most. Families go to Hammamet because of the shallow swimming areas, aquaparks and a few amusement park rides. The younger crowd prefers Sousse, and vacationing on a budget can be done in Monastir. Tunisian Djerba and Galite offer Talassoterapeutic spas. There are a lot of sights worth seeing at the resorts. For example, visit the Medina of Hammamet or the Ribat of Sousse.

The city of Tunis is the capital, a vibrant metropolis with a bit of a local flavour. It combines culture and trends of Africa, Europe and the Mediterranean. Visit the Medina, the museum of Roman mosaic, mosque of the Olive, take a walk along the Grand Avenue Habib Bourguiba and buy some exotic souvenirs from the local shops.

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The ruins of the ancient Phoenician empire Carthage are located in Tunisia. To see the ancient sights use a chauffeur service. You can state your price or choose the lowest one when booking a transfer. Each journey is supposed to be unique, thus hiring a local driver with a car can be a good decision.