Transfer to Monastir

If you want to change the situation and get new bright impressions, we recommend you to think about buying tickets to the Mediterranean Sea. According to many travelers, some of the best resorts are located in Tunisia. Pay attention to Monastir. This is a major cultural and tourist center, where the sun shines 365 days a year.

How to get to Monastir? Habib Bourguiba Airport accepts international, domestic and charter flights. Every day there are more than 100 thousand tourists. Buses and shuttles run from here to the city center. The journey takes 30 minutes. If you arrive early in the morning or late in the evening, pre-book a transfer to Monastir through the service No need to adapt to the schedule of public transport and carry heavy luggage yourself.

The resort is located in the central part of Tunisia, in North Africa. People come here to undergo a course of thalassotherapy and massage, swim in the clear sea and sunbathe on the beach under palm trees. Especially popular here are water sports: windsurfing, diving and jet skiing. Fishing enthusiasts rent boats and go to the open sea.

In the area of ​​Skanes, in the northeast, there are the best recreation areas. There is a narrow coastline, no more than 30-40 meters, clean sandy beaches and a smooth decrease in depth. If you sail in a small boat, you can see the bottom is so clear water. This place is ideal for those traveling with children.

The city has preserved a special, authentic atmosphere of past centuries. In the center are the houses of the XVI-XVII centuries, markets with fresh vegetables and seafood, souvenir shops and "parking" for camels. In Monastir will be interesting to all tourists. In addition to a beach holiday, there are ancient sights. Visit the medina located in Monastir. On the central square stands the Great Mosque of the IX century, for the construction of which marble columns of ancient Roman Ruppina were used. In 5 minutes on foot from here is the National Costume Museum, where copies of the V-XIX centuries are represented. A sample of classic military Islamic architecture is the Ribat. It was built in the XI century for the monks-Murabitins, who at the same time served God and defended the city from enemies. The Museum of Islamic Art is open in the prayer hall, where icons and holy books are presented.

Public transport with a clear timetable and stops in the city there. Center and distant areas connect tuk-tuki, small three-wheeled vehicles with a roof and no doors.

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