Transfer in Sousse

Sousse is a port city in Tunisia, where tourists come all year round for beach holidays and thalassotherapy. Conventionally, the city is divided into 4 parts: Medina, new area and tourist area. The beach season lasts from May to October. There are a small tourist flow in the autumn months. In winter, you can devote your vacation to thalassotherapy or sightseeing.

There is no airport in Sousse yet, so you need to know in advance how to get to Sousse. The nearest airport is Monastir airport in 14 km from the centre. Also there is the international Enfidha Airport in 49 kilometersYou can get the city by public transport or taxi, but it is worth to book a transfer to save money and time.

Located on the Mediterranean coast, the town has a great history. Sousse was founded 2.5 thousand years ago, but Medina, the old town and the main attraction, was built in the 8-9 century. The fortress is framed by a wall. There are a Large mosque, fortress Riban, Kasbah (the heart of the Medina), the city market and museums inside. With viewing platforms off a great view of the city and the sea. Medina adds a special flavor to the journey. If you plan to buy some Souvenirs, go to the local shops. Be sure to visit the al Khalef Tower, the catacombs of the Good Shepherd and the archaeological Museum.

For a beach holiday it is better to choose in the Northern part. Clean sea to Port El Kantaoui, the Central beach is just crowded. Thalassotherapy centers are located most often in hotels.

It is believed that Sousse is resort for the young. There are a lot of entertainments here: beach rest, extreme, night parties and, of course, thalassotherapy. In Sousse there are parties Bora-Bora, the largest in Africa. A festival with carnival and folk festivals is held in summer.

You can get around the city by public transport. Between the city buses and taxi-luigi. In the Metropolitan area of Sousse—Monastir—Mahdia train goes Underground the Sahel. 5 stations are located within the city, including Monastir airport. If you are planning a trip out of town – rent a car with a driver in Sousse. For example, if you are going to nearby resorts or the Sahara desert.

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