Transfer to Mahdia

Planning an annual vacation and not knowing where to spend it? We recommend to go to the Mahdia. This is a quiet and peaceful resort town in Tunisia, where there is not only the warm Mediterranean Sea, but also an active excursion program.

How to get to Mahdia? The resort doesn’t have its own air hub, so all tourists arrive at Monastir International Airport. From there, express trains and buses run to Mahdia. Every day from 05:10 to 20:15 there are trains between the stations Skanes Monastir and Mahdia Ezakhr. The distance between them is 45 kilometers. The journey takes 1.5 hours. On the bus will have to make several transfers. First, get to the center of Monstir on the flight of the Sahel company (from 05:30 to 18:30) and there you can transfer to a minibus and get to Mahdia. Already there, transfer to a minibus and get to Mahdia. If you don’t want to waste time on the road and carry your luggage yourself, we recommend booking your transfer to Mahdia in advance via

For several centuries, a small seaport has become a popular resort in the south-east of Tunisia. In terms of service it is often compared with European recreation areas. In Mahdia come to study at the international diving center.

The beaches in Mahdia are ideal for recreation: fine white sand, calm turquoise sea, wide embankments and the entire tourist infrastructure in 5-10 minutes walk. It will appeal to families with children, as the resort is very quiet and peaceful in the evenings. No noisy bars and restaurants. The cafe plays music quietly, and all stores close at 10:30 pm.

Ancient sights and architecture are in the center of Mahdia. Through the 40-meter Black Gate or Skifa el-Kahl, you can go from the modern part of the city to the medina. On the right side of the fortress wall is open for visitors to the Museum of the Mahdia, which presents a collection of national clothes, wedding decorations and home furnishings. We recommend to climb the observation deck of the museum to admire the view of Cape Africa. Everywhere there are many fish restaurants and souvenir shops.

Buses run most frequently in the city. They have no clear timetable, and the routes are written in Arabic and French. The wild beaches near the village of Bahdadi can be reached by commuter trains from the central railway station. Opening hours: from 07:30 to 17:30. To explore the city, tourists prefer to ride a tuk-tuk. If you want to see the surroundings, go to the rainforests or the mountains, rent a car with a driver in Mahdia.

Traveling around the world is easier than it seems. It is enough to buy plane tickets, book a room in a hotel and be ready for new adventures. Enjoy your holiday!