Transfer to Belek

In Belek, tourists relax in the morning on luxurious beaches, during the day they go on excursions among the ancient structures, and in the evening they dance on the embankment with local music. Famous Turkish resort with hospitality and hospitality greets travelers.

How to get to Belek? The nearest airport to the city is 30 kilometers away in Antalya. There is no direct connection between the resort and the air hub. First you need to take a bus №600 or shuttle company Havas to the center of Antalya, then transfer to the bus station on the dolmush to Belek. The journey takes 1 hour and 20 minutes. If you don’t want to travel with transfers, use a taxi in Belek or book a transfer in advance through the service Experienced drivers know the shortest routes, so you will find yourself in 30-40 minutes at the hotel.

Belek is a popular resort on the Mediterranean coast in Turkey. Until 1984, there were wild and uncomfortable beaches. After several dozens of hotels and spa centers were built in the city, tourists began to come here more often. They are attracted by cleared sandy beaches, hot springs and the best golf clubs in the country, designed by leading world designers and architects. One of the interesting sights of Belek is a national park, where pine and eucalyptus forests were planted 200 years ago. This is a favorite and main habitat for tortoises.

What to see in Belek? At 30 kilometers from it are the ruins of the ancient city of Perge, founded by the Greeks 2,000 years ago. The entrance is through the South Gate with large round towers. From here begins the central street with a colonnade, which leads to the main square, where the meetings were held and the apostle Paul spoke with his speeches. Fragments of temples, fortress walls, a theater and a stadium, the largest in Asia Minor, have survived to this day. Through the Eastern Gate begins the road to the ancient city of Sillion, where almost no archaeological excavations were carried out. In the middle of the XX years a landslide collapsed on the territory and destroyed most of the buildings. Tourists can admire only the ruins of the amphitheater.

To see all the ancient cities nearby, we recommend renting a car with a driver in Belek. So you can visit the forest by the Köprücay River, which makes its way through the picturesque mountain canyon and walk along the Oluk Bridge, which rises 27 meters above the ground. This is a popular place for rafting. To the east of the city on the Peninsula Side rises the temple of Apollo, 10 kilometers from which you can see the complex from the Kursundu waterfalls. If you want something calmer, go to the water park "Troy" or dolphinarium.

What is it like to move around in Belek? Dolmushi is the most popular and convenient form of public transport, connecting the center with distant quarters. The terminus is at the intersection of Feudzi Caddesi and Molla Fevzi Caddesi streets. Detailed timetables can be viewed on the official website of Belek. Intercity buses ply from the central bus station to Ankara, Alanya, Manavgat, Bursa and Kastamonu. Opening hours daily from 09:00 to 19:00. If you are traveling with small children, we recommend booking a transfer in advance. Specify in the comments that you need special children's car seats and choose the appropriate class of car. Enjoy your holiday!