Transfer in Turkey

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In order not to burden yourself with a long-awaited vacation, plan your trip well in advance. Think about every day of your holiday, book rooms in the hotel, and also understand how local transportation works. Every tourist wants to save on a comfortable vacation and bring more impressions and souvenirs. Book a transfer in Turkey. offers to meet you right after the flight and deliver to the hotel without extra surcharges. In comparison with local taxis, the transfer is the most profitable and inexpensive way to travel around Turkey. Travel with

Turkey is rich in historical events: ancient times, the "golden age" of Byzantium and the period of the Ottoman Empire. But not a memorable place, the resort country attracts tourists. Here at every hotel flaunts the coveted "5 stars", and hotel managers offer "all inclusive" accommodation. It has been tested by more than one generation of travelers, which is one of the most popular destinations all year round. Traditionally, travelers travel to the Black Sea and Mediterranean coasts: Antalya, Marmaris, Belek, Fethiye, Kemer and other resorts. If the popular Antalya is suitable for a family holiday, then in other cities the tour is bought mostly by young people. Use the services of transporting passengers in Turkey, if you travel a large company.

In addition to the beach holiday, Turkey offers to actively spend time on the slopes of Uludag, Palandoken and Erzurum. At local resorts quality service is perfectly complemented by good routes suitable for beginners and lovers of alpine skiing. The season lasts from December to April.

Not only the mountain air promotes the improvement of the traveler in Turkey. The flow of tourists gathers from all over Europe to the healing balneological resorts of Kangala, Yalova, as well as Pamukkale, which has about 17 mineral springs. And, of course, a kind of spa will be a hammam (Turkish bath).

In the Primorie zones, there is a moderate marine climate with tropical features: summer is hot (+ 30 ° C), winter is comfortable for health trips (+ 9 ° C). In Istanbul, the climate is moderate.

To get acquainted with the history and cultural-value objects of Turkey, one should go to big cities. In the capital of Ankara (as not surprisingly, the main city isn't Istanbul) are concentrated museums, mosques and monumental architecture. But in order to experience the eastern spirit of Turkey, they go, all the same, to Istanbul, the ancient capital of the most powerful empires: the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman. The legendary city is divided by the Bosporus into two parts: the European and the Asian. Therefore, we can say that Istanbul is a cultural and business center. Here the past mingled with the present: that acknowledgment is the eclectic neighborhood of ancient fortresses and palaces with modern architecture. The visiting card of the "golden age" of Byzantium (as it used to be called the state) is the blue temple, towering in the center of the city is the Hagia Sophia 537 built.

After spiritual enrichment, each tourist goes to gain strength in gastronomic institutions. Turkish cuisine is one of the most refined in the world. The secret of the popularity of oriental dishes lies in the spices and recipes handed down from generation to generation and has survived to this day. The basis of all dishes is beef and vegetables. From local sweets it is possible to choose numerous grades of baklava, rahat-lukuma and other oriental delicacies. By the way, all restaurants and cafes are divided into views. For example, Tatligi is famous for its sweet dishes, Locanda is national dishes, and in Kebapchi they cook, respectively, kebabs.

By the way, dissatisfied with the holiday in Turkey, there is practically no entertainment and recreation for everyone will find. Renting a car with a driver in Turkey is a great opportunity to visit the most interesting places in this country. Book your transfer in Turkey and enjoy your vacation.